Changes to road safety measures in France


A ban on headphones and headsets

The aim of the measure is to prohibit devices which could limit attention and hearing of drivers. It applies to all drivers and riders of two-wheelers. It includes phone calls and listening of music or the radio, if these actions need a device linked to the ears.

The penalty is a fixed fine of €135; reduced to €90 if paid within a timely manner. Further, 3 points are deducted from the French driving licence. In-vehicle devices, such as Bluetooth systems or integrated systems to the motorcycle helmet, remain legal.

The reduction of blood alcohol limit for novice drivers

The level has been reduced from 0.5 g/l to 0.2 g/l for novice drivers with less than three years’ driving experience, the blood alcohol limit has been reduced to 0,2 g/l, which effectively means that novice drivers cannot drink.

The EU parking card for disabled drivers (or accompanying person)

The new rule allows disabled drivers to benefit from free parking anywhere and for an unlimited period of time. This measure applies to parking facilities reserved for people with disabilities and all other public parking spaces.

New road sign: NO ENTRY

The French authorities have implemented a new road sign for dual carriageway motorways, to avoid cars going in the wrong direction.