City to Country Life Art Project


Artists from the creative group Graffiti Life have teamed up with the Club to recreate a “city and country life” theme, converting the caravan’s “blank canvas” exterior into a visual masterpiece.

Caravanning is a passport to many new adventures and gives us freedom to explore the great outdoors with our friends and family. Our nature art project will celebrate the exciting connection between caravanning and nature with visual messages, which will be captured in a time-lapse video.

Taking to the open road means different things to different people and each Club member's experience is unique, be it a walking holiday, cycling holiday or just getting in touch with nature away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It is like a home away from home, and joining The Club gives you the freedom to explore our wide network of sites across the country.

Fashion Textiles graduate Daisy Hopwood customised her caravan as a way of paying tribute to her family’s traditions. "There is an essence of escape when we trek across England in our lovely little trailers, to live in this compact home away from home."

Inspired by an old trunk of photos from 1937 to the present day, Daisy’s caravan celebrates her grandmother’s life.

“I’m telling a story through print that transcends the years from her to me. Using old photographs with digital print will incorporate both eras to create a collection of prototypes which are inspired by our family tradition of caravanning.”

This example shows how the younger generation perceive their experience of caravanning, which will also be reflected in our nature art project.

The Club’s involvement in this project will highlight the beauty of rural and urban life in an unprecedented way. It will take place on 1 November 2014 at Studio 4, Hoxton Street Studios, and 10A Blossom St in London’s Shoreditch (E1), one of the capital’s most creative hubs.

Capturing nature

Three artists will work individually on the caravan, displaying their range of artistic techniques, which will then magically merge to display the full, final effect.

No moment will be wasted, as a film crew will be on hand to capture every detail of the artists’ skill. The recording will be transformed into a “creative time-lapse film”, to be shown on the Club website for all to enjoy.

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