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Mayday Vehicle Rescue is The Caravan Club's UK breakdown and recovery service

Mayday is specially designed for caravanners and motorhome owners. Operated on our behalf by Green Flag and exclusive to Caravan Club members, it provides 24 hour cover, 365 days a year, whether you're towing or not. Mayday covers your car or motorhome, and touring caravan or trailer tent.

Designed for you

  • No size or weight restrictions, we cover any combination of motorhome or car and caravan.
  • Dual recovery - If you break down on your way to a site and your vehicle can't be fixed we'll take you to your holiday destination and back home again (Roadside and Recovery, Premium UK).
  • No extra charge for specialist equipment if your outfit gets stuck on soft ground.
  • 24 hour cover, 365 days a year - with or without your caravan, tent or motorhome. If your caravan cannot be towed, we'll still recover it (Roadside and Recovery, Premium UK).
  • Cover for any driver in your vehicle.
  • No patrols just the right response vehicle every time - A nationwide network means we aim to send the right vehicle for your needs not just the nearest one.
  • Rapid Response Pledge - if one of our specialist technicians does not reach you within an hour, you can claim £10.
  • Option to purchase extras - including personal cover and additional vehicle cover.
  • New Misfuelling cover - If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, we'll drain the tank and give you enough of the right fuel to get going again*

Please note: you need to be a member of The Caravan Club in order to take out Mayday Insurance.

Defaqto - 5 star rated UK motor breakdown cover from The Club

5 star rated UK Motor Breakdown Cover

Our Premium UK Mayday breakdown and recovery cover (supplied by Green Flag) has been independently rated 5 out of 5 stars by Defaqto. This indicates that it provides one of the highest quality caravan and motorhome breakdown cover offerings in the UK market, with a comprehensive level of cover.

Choose cover that's right for you

3 levels of cover - exclusive to Caravan Club members £36
Roadside assistance
Roadside & recovery
Premium UK
Roadside Repairs includes call out and 30 minutes labour Tick on white Tick on white Tick on white
Recovery to repairer or other destination within 10 miles Tick on green Tick on green Tick on green
Recovery to any single destination nationwide Cross on white Tick on white Tick on white
Dual Recovery - If your vehicle can't be fixed we'll take you to your destination and back (holidays only) Cross on green Tick on green Tick on green
Home-call brings assistance to your doorstep, fixing mechanical problems at home or within 1/4 mile of your home address £26 (optional extra) £26 (optional extra) Tick on white
Extra Care includes extra benefits e.g. Accommodation expenses (up to £100 per person), free car recovery and a chauffeur if the main driver is incapacitated £13 (optional extra) £13 (optional extra) Tick on green
Cover for vehicle - Whoever is driving Tick on white Tick on white Tick on white
Personal cover covers you and your spouse/partner in any car £30 (optional extra) £30 (optional extra) £30 (optional extra)
Additional vehicle cover (per vehicle for the same level of cover) £23 (optional extra) £23 (optional extra) £23 (optional extra)
Fuel tank drained if you misfuel and we'll give you enough fuel to get you back on the road. † Tick on white Tick on white Tick on white

† does not provide cover for any damage caused to your vehicle by misfuelling.

Need breakdown cover in Europe?

Whilst Mayday Vehicle Rescue offers UK-only breakdown and recovery, you can get cover for the duration of your holiday in Europe with The Club's overseas holiday insurance, Red Pennant. This motoring cover is specifically designed to protect Club Members while caravanning on the Continent and includes breakdown and recovery.

If you have Mayday Vehicle Rescue cover, you can save up to £5 off your Overseas Holiday Insurance (single trip Motoring & Personal cover only). Get a Red Pennant quote now...

Looking to insure with The Club in future?

If you are not currently insured with us but would like to find out more about The Club's insurance products, let us know and we'll contact you nearer the time of your renewal.
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