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Advice and training

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With over 115 years of expertise and as a trusted membership organisation (as rated on Trustpilot), we're on hand to give you expert advice and support for all your touring needs.

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Advice for beginners

If you're new to touring, we've got lots of helpful advice to get you started

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Technical advice

Need some technical help? Our handy guides can solve your problems

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Choose a vehicle

Read up on the tips and helpful information from our experts on which tow-car, caravan, or motorhome to buy or hire. 

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Taking care of your outfit

Discover the best ways to take care of your towcar, caravan and motorhome

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Match your outfit

Make sure you match your outfit so it’s safe, legal and comfortable to tow.

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Boost your driving confidence and perfect your caravan or motorhome manoeuvring skills with us.

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