Independent worldwide tours

Independent worldwide tours

Freedom to explore at your own pace

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Partition Arch, Arches National Park

Our independent touring holidays are designed for you to enjoy in the company of your family or friends, enabling you to enjoy the itinerary at your own pace and to focus on the locations and attractions that most appeal to you. Travel on your own terms and with the people you want to be with, whether that's as a couple, a family or with a group of friends.

When you take an independent caravan or motorhome tour with the Club, you'll follow a suggested itinerary that can be adjusted and personalised to meet your exact needs and interests. You might want to include additional nights at some of the places on the itinerary, enabling you to spend more time there, or likewise you can remove nights if a location doesn't appeal to you. Our independent tours are available in America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and our Worldwide team will be happy to discuss your options to make sure you get your desired itinerary.

Your independent tour includes pre-booked campsites, airport transfers, night(s) in a hotel upon arrival and motorhome hire for the duration of your trip. Each independent tour includes a motorhome as standard, but we offer a range of motorhome hire options if you'd like something with a bit more space. You'll likely start your tour by exploring the city you fly into before picking up your motorhome and heading out on the open road.

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