Over 3,000 caravans are stolen each year - but we are fighting back with Theftcheck.

Theftcheck is one of the largest computerised caravan registers in the UK, and registration is free for all members.

When you first join the Club, the unique identifying number of your caravan is logged against your membership record. Should your outfit ever be stolen, this vital information can help the police to trace you as the legal owner (don't forget to inform us if you change your caravan).

Since its launch in 1988, Theftcheck has been a huge success and has assisted in the recovery of many caravans.

You can also use Theftcheck when buying a used caravan. With a single phone call you can check if the van you're proposing to buy is listed as stolen on the Theftcheck register.

If you'd like us to run a free check, just call the number below. Before calling, please make sure you have details of the make, model, year and unique identifying number of the caravan, as well as the vendor's details.

  • Call 01342 318 813 to register.
  • Call 01342 336 706 for stolen caravan notification/checks.