12-volt wiring

As part of taking care of your caravan, it's handy to know that modern caravans can provide self-sufficient accommodation ‘off-grid’ via an on-board 12-volt leisure battery, which will power lighting, heating, hot water and entertainment systems – but only for a limited period. Here’s what you need to know about how it all works and how to keep your battery in tip-top condition.

Information - Danger of electrocution

While there is no danger of electrocution from a 12V circuit, the type of battery used for storing power for 12V equipment can provide, for short periods, a power output of several kilowatts. In the event of accidental misconnection, this output heats the wiring and can cause a serious fire hazard and risk of personal injury. If in any doubt about carrying out repairs or installations, consult a qualified electrical engineer. 

Information - European Standards

For caravans built since 1998, European Standards require that the battery is secured in a separate compartment. The battery must be securely held in place by clamps, and located well away from LPG cylinders, as a spark during connection or disconnection could ignite any gas which has leaked from them.