Caravan Cover VS Caravan Insurance

Caravan Cover VS Caravan Insurance

What is the difference between cover and insurance

What is Caravan Cover?

The Caravan and Motorhome Club is a mutual organisation - which means it is effectively owned by its members. As such, we can offer a discretionary mutual caravan cover to anyone that’s a Club member.

Our discretionary mutual caravan cover is not insurance but provides similar cover to caravan insurance offered by other providers; in that, those who take out our Caravan Cover have their contributions pooled together into a fund. And those pooled funds are then used to pay for any claims made by the members.

If the Cover is discretionary, how am I protected?

To ensure our members have peace of mind when buying our Caravan Cover, we’ve taken out a Group insurance policy in the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s name to provide additional protection for members. The Group policy is the second layer of protection that members are able to claim under in the unlikely event the Club does not pay a claim or does not pay in full, as long as it’s covered under the terms and conditions of the Group insurance policy, which mirrors the Caravan Cover. (A copy of the Group insurance policy is available on request.)

Are there any restrictions in the Group insurance policy?

The Group insurance policy taken out by the Club reflects the Caravan Cover provided to members - we feel it’s important that the cover is mirrored to ensure members have the right protection. However, to provide that protection there are some scenarios the insurer of the Group policy is not happy to include - these are generally risks that are very unlikely to occur but the insurer considers could be huge if they were to materialise. Where these apply they are duplicated in the caravan cover document, so members are aware of them.

How much should I cover my caravan, equipment and contents for?

Depending on the age of your caravan you will need to choose if you want new for old cover or market value cover before deciding how much to cover your outfit, equipment and contents for. Market value is available whatever age your caravan is. New for old cover is available for caravan and equipment items up to 5 years on our Standard Cover and up to 15 years on our Super Cover.

For 'New for Old' cover: choose the amount it would cost you today if you had to buy your caravan, equipment (awning, motor mover, security devices and the like) and contents (clothing, household items and personal effects) as new.

For 'Market Value' cover: choose the amount it would cost you today if you had to buy the same age caravan, equipment (awning, motor mover, security devices and the like) and contents (clothing, household items and personal effects) second hand. This is the value of your items taking into account their age and condition (allowing for depreciation or wear and tear from when they were new).

To understand your caravan's value it can be helpful to look at local and national sales adverts. If your make/model is no longer made you should look at the cost of a similar caravan, which you would be happy to have as a replacement should the worst happen. If you need more help or guidance please contact us on 01342 649889.

What security devices do I need to fit to my caravan?

The security condition requires that at least one security device is fitted when the caravan is not in use and unhitched from the towing vehicle. If you do not secure the caravan, we may decline to pay a theft claim.

Acceptable security devices are a hitch-lock, wheel lock, wheel-clamp, heavy duty chain with an anchor point and lock, an alarm system which is triggered by external sensors of movement, or immobiliser. For more general information on caravan security advice please see our information page here

When will my caravan be covered?

Your caravan is covered when it’s in storage, on your drive, on the road or on site. You'll be covered against accidental damage or loss from theft, vandalism, storm, and flood. Please read the relevant cover booklet on our Cover Documents page for full details.

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