Improving your booking experience

Improving your booking experience

Your new way to book UK campsites is here!

We want you to have the best possible experience when you're planning, booking and staying at any of our campsites, which is why we have introduced a new booking experience.

Frequently asked questions about deposits

What happens to my deposit if I don't turn up?

We are not refunding any paid amounts for any members who do not turn up. If you cannot take up your pitch, we ask that you amend or cancel to help ensure there is availability for a fellow member to enjoy rather than let it go empty.

What happens if I cancel due to exceptional circumstances?

In the first instance members should claim through their travel insurance. Of course, as a membership organisation we will sensitively manage cancellations due to exceptional circumstances.

If I cancel, can I transfer the deposit to another stay at another time?

The purpose of deposits is to reduce down the volume of speculative bookings which then went on to be cancelled (prior to deposits over one million nights per year were cancelled by members). If deposits were to be transferrable, speculative bookings would not reduce.

Can I use my E-Gift voucher to pay for a booking deposit?

E-Gift vouchers cannot currently be redeemed against booking deposit payments. Deposits need to be paid for using a debit or credit card.

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Top questions

What happens if I cancel one night or more of my stay within 21 days of arrival?

If you cancel one night or more of your stay (i.e. make an amendment) within 21 days of arrival, you’ll lose the deposit value for those nights cancelled from your original booking (this is prorated using the value that each cancelled night represents of the total price of that stay - for example, if you cancel the first night of a two night stay and the first night represents 40% of the total price of the stay, then you will lose 40% of the deposit paid).

If you amend your stay by ‘shifting the dates’ within 21 days of arrival, you will lose the deposit value for each night cancelled from your original booking, and you may be required to pay a new deposit for each new night added.

I am experiencing a slow speed when searching the map, or have failed payments via the new Club App, can you please help?

We have recently made some updates to the new Club App. Please ensure you have the latest version installed by clicking 'Update' in the App Store or on Google play. Alternatively, please delete the App from your device and install it again from the App stores.

If your mobile signal is weak then the App may be a little slow. In this case please use our website on your mobile device and log in to make a booking from there. We are working to improve the speed so thanks for your patience.

If you are struggling to pay via the App then this is typically due to recent changes regarding how your bank verifies digital payments ('3D Security'). If this is the case, first try booking via your WiFi; secondly try a different payment card (we accept Visa and Mastercard, not Amex); thirdly place your booking via our website


Why does the Club require the date of birth for all guests (including children)?

In order to provide the appropriate price for each stay we ask to capture the date of birth for each guest (as ask this as we enable members to book a year ahead, and to book multiple sites as part of a tour within the same basket booking). To select the date of birth, please use the drop down options, or if adding a guest simply press the year at the top of the date selection panel, and then select month and day. We are reviewing this process in order to simplify it for members and we are not using this data for other reasons than to provide you accurate pricing.

How do I quickly see the availability of a Club campsite?

To see availability for a specific campsite - enter the name in the 'search by' bar or press on the 'price icon' on the map. Click through to the 'Check Availability' button. Where you see the 'Party Details' simply scroll down until you see the 'pitch type availability calendar'. The calendar indicates where a night is available by showing a price; if there are not many pitches remaining we display 'Low'; if the date is blank then that pitch type is full on that day. NOTE: if you cannot find availability for the days you wish to stay with us, simply select a different pitch type and view the calendar again - it's likely that other pitch types will have availability.

To see availability for a larger area (e.g Wales) type the location into the 'search by' bar and enter dates in the Arrive and Depart sections, press search and review the list of campsites which you can sort alphabetically, by price or by rating. Also press 'EXPLORE MAP' to see where all sites are located. The map includes a 'price icon' to show where there is availability.


(Please note that in the future we will reintroduce the previous 'Late Availability' calendar which was in the form of a list, filterable by region and location)

How do I search for Certificated Locations (CLs) and see prices and directions?

You can either search for CL information by:
1. Using the search functionality on the website via the homepage, search for a specific CL campsite and then click through to view the directions and prices. 
2. If you are logged into the website and using the search and booking functionality, when you click through to view a specific CL campsite and you will see a "Prices and Directions" button, click that button to be taken directly to the CL's webpage on our website.

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