Booking Experience

An altogether better booking experience

When you told us your online booking experience could be better, we set to work...

At the Club we are always looking at ways we can improve the services we provide our members. Over the past year we’ve held a number of focus groups, member experience sessions, reviewed Club Together forums and sent out various surveys, all with the aim of understanding how you feel the current booking experience could be improved.

We’re really pleased to let you know that changes to the online booking experience are coming. In 2019, we’ll go live with the new booking experience for overseas sites and crossings. In time you'll be able to book UK Club sites too!

What improvements are coming?

Here's a sneak peak of your new booking experience...

Top questions

When will the new booking experience be live?

In 2019 we’ll go live with the new booking experience for overseas sites and crossings. In time you’ll be able to book UK Club sites via the new booking experience. Exact launch dates are still to be confirmed - we’ll let you know via email, on the website, on Club Together and via social as soon as the new booking experience is ready to try!

Who was consulted about this change?

Members, Site Staff and Committee Members were all involved in designing and delivering the new improvements: over 100,000 new and longer standing members were invited to share their views in 2018; 5 focus groups and 22 user experience testing sessions held with members; all Site Staff (over 900) were surveyed and all Committee Members were consulted

Why have you updated overseas first?

To trial, test and make quick improvements we are launching the new online booking experience in a phased approach starting with overseas bookings.

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