Hiring a car, caravan, motorhome or campervan

You don’t need to own a vehicle to enjoy a caravan, campervan or motorhome holiday, with hire everyone can enjoy the freedom of the open road. Whether you want to hire for a one-off holiday, need a vehicle whilst yours is off the road or are looking to try the lifestyle before taking the plunge, hire is the perfect way to make your dream adventure a reality.

Information - Top tip:

Whoever you hire with, be sure to ask the hire company about what level of technical support they give and how they'll help in the event of a breakdown - e.g. will they send out a replacement vehicle so that you can carry on with your holiday. 

Motorhome and campervan hire

Experience the freedom of a motorhome or campervan holiday by exploring the UK and Europe in a hire vehicle. Hiring is an ideal way to try out the lifestyle and a great way for members to share their adventures with their friends and family. 

There are many different types of vehicle available to hire so our first tip is to think about what type of vehicle you need. Smaller campervans are great for couples and are easy to drive around town, but can be a bit of a squeeze if there are four of you or if you need a lot of room for storage. Motorhomes on the other hand may take a bit more skill to manoeuvre down small roads and into tight parking spots, but will give you a lot more space and comfort.

Cost can be anything from £350 up to £1,500 for a week’s hire. The lower costs will be out of season for a small campervan. Always look at what’s included and what extra charges there are. Extra charges to watch out for are mileage limits, breakdown cover, insurance, additional drivers and fees to leave your car at the hire depot. 

When hiring ensure that you choose a credible rental company, we recommend looking them up on Trustpilot and always read their terms and conditions before hiring. 

Our final tip is to enjoy! Hiring is a great way to create your dream adventure with friends, family, partners or even solo. Campervanning and motorhoming will allow you to get off the beaten track, fill every day with new experiences and wake up to a different view every morning. Whether you want to go to that festival in style or explore the scenic countryside of the UK, hiring will enable you to create your perfect holiday.

Hire through the Club:

We've teamed up our sister brand Experience Freedom with Just Go and Bunk Campers to provide motorhome hire across the UK. Find out more at experiencefreedom.co.uk.

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Top tip: Prices quoted by dealers may not include VAT, unlimited mileage, insurance, gas, or a breakdown recovery service so shop around for the best deal. Charges are often payable in advance so read the conditions of hire carefully.

Caravan hire

A list of independent caravan supply outlets can be viewed on our buying a caravan page. The hire outlets featured there are not Club-inspected so we can’t guarantee the quality of service they offer but it does give you localised contacts.

Help with towing:

If you feel unsure about how to drive with a caravan attached, we offer a caravan training course for beginners that will teach you how to tow, manoeuvre and park a caravan.


Top tip: Check before hiring that your car can safely be towed by the caravan you want to hire. We've got plenty of information to help you with outfit matching.

Car hire

Whether your car has broken down and you need something temporary to get you from A to B or if you're thinking about buying a new towcar but want to try out the model before you buy - hiring a car has never been easier.

Take advantage of being a member of the Club and check out Enterprise Rent-A-Car's hiring service. They'll pick you up from many of our caravan sites across the UK, so if you're having difficulty with your own vehicle or just need an extra car for your stay, you'll get hold of one easily as a member of the Club!

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Read up on the tips and helpful information from our experts on which tow-car, caravan, or motorhome to buy or hire. 

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