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Archwilio Cymru ar daith ffordd ar draws y wlad!

Whether you enjoy rambling along rugged landscapes, basking on beautiful beaches or enjoy spectacular scenery and architecture, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Wales.

Your favourite places to visit

We asked our members to tell us their favourite places to visit in Wales. We've taken your ideas and have put together great suggested tours. Choose from four fantastic routes or create your own, using our video guide to get you started, for an unforgettable holiday in Wales.

Tour 1: The coastal trail

The coastal trail (Y llwybr arfordirol)

7 sites, 16 nights minimum

See the very best that Wales has to offer on this memorable tour. This route will take you along the coast, stopping at much-loved places of interest. You also have the option to extend your stay and see even more stunning sights.

The coastal trail tour is recommended by Club members.

Tour 2: Outdoor adventurers

Outdoor adventurers (Anturiaethau awyr agored)

5 sites, 12 nights minimum

If you enjoy spectacular scenery and touring in the great outdoors, then we have a tour idea for you. Roam wonderful Welsh landscapes and sample the country’s fascinating history on this five-site tour.

Tour 3: History and nature lovers

History and nature lovers (Natur a hanes)

8 sites, 21 nights minimum

Get a taste for Welsh history, nature and culture on this eight-site tour. Immerse yourself in Roman and Celtic history and explore beautiful landscapes and wildlife - this route is perfect for discovering Wales’ rich heritage.

Tour 4: The west coast wander

The west coast wander (Yr arfordir gorllewinol)

5 sites, 14 nights minimum

Travel the length of the Welsh coastline, stopping at five fantastic sites along the way. You'll pass through picturesque scenery and see some unforgettable places of natural and historical interest on this charming route.

Sites featured in the coastal trail tour

Sites featured in the outdoor adventurers tour

Sites featured in the history and nature lovers tour

Sites featured in the west coast wander tour

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