Training courses

Training courses

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Gain confidence and perfect your manoeuvring skills with our expert trainers

At the Club, we want to make sure that whether you’re new to touring or a seasoned professional, you feel comfortable driving your outfit safely and gain experience of doing so before you head out on your adventures. That's why we offer the most locations for caravan and motorhome manoeuvring courses across the country, making it easier for you to improve your skills and grow your confidence no matter where you’re based. Our courses are carried out by expert trainers, most of whom are also well seasoned tourers, so you’ll be in very capable hands and learn a lot from their experience.

Our caravan towing and motorhome manoeuvring courses are open to members and non-members, and suitable for all levels of experience.


B+E licence courses

Do you know how much you can legally tow? Make sure you're road legal with our B+E licence courses.

  • One-day training course - Ideal for someone who has lots of experience at towing and reversing
  • Two-day training course - Perfect for someone with little or no trailer experience
  • Three-day training course - Great for pairs who want a little more time to practice


Caravan towing courses

Whether you're a first-timer looking to build confidence or a more experienced tower wanting to give your skills a boost, we have a caravan course to suit your needs.

  • Practical Caravanning training course – perfect for beginners or for a refresher
  • Caravan Manoeuvring training course – for more experienced towers wanting to hone their skills, especially in reversing


Motorhome courses

Gain confidence and perfect your skills on our Motorhome Manoeuvring course which covers everything a motorhome driver really needs to know.

  • Motorhome Manoeuvring course – gain experience manoeuvring your own vehicle, suitable for all levels


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