Best Lightweight 2 Berth Caravan

ScreenName571C4D27C6 replied on 15/05/2021 19:23

Posted on 15/05/2021 19:23

Hi, we are looking to buy a lightweight 2 berth caravan. Have narrowed it down to an Elddis Xplore 422 or a Bailey 420 Plus. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations. Thanks.


eribaMotters replied on 15/05/2021 19:40

Posted on 15/05/2021 19:40

If you do not want a shower in the van have you considered an Eriba?

Higher than the norm build quality, iconic design, wonderful to tow, 40mpg probable, generally sell after a few years for more than you paid.



Wherenext replied on 15/05/2021 21:00

Posted on 15/05/2021 21:00

They are nice caravans EribaM but hardly lightweight, at least the last time I looked. Maybe that is why they are reliable. Because they don't fall to pieces.

We have had 2 small 2 berths in recent years but both were Lunars so OP would be restricted to second hand models with limited replacement parts so I'll not make a recommendation.

eribaMotters replied on 15/05/2021 22:44

Posted on 15/05/2021 22:44

The weights on an Eriba are deceptive. My 3 berth Triton has a MIRO of 1200kg  but base models leave the factory empty at 840kg.

Older model 2 berth Tritons are nearer 800kg, some with a MIRO of 1000kg.



PJMEG replied on 21/05/2021 02:40

Posted on 21/05/2021 02:40


Having recently swapped vans ourselves we narrowed it down to either a Bailey 420 or a Sprite Alpine 2, we opted for the Sprite as the build quality seemed better than the Bailey, they have roughly the same layout with end washroom.

The sprite is slightly heavier by around 50 kgs but our tow car was fine with this.

Do not be put off by the Sprite being an entry model as most come equipped with diamond pack giving a feel of a more up market van.

I am sure you will make the choice that is right for you.

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