Al Ko Wheel lock

Paul Richards replied on 02/04/2024 16:44

Posted on 02/04/2024 16:44

I currently have a Full Stop Nemesis Ultra wheel lock but understand it is not as secure as the Al Ko lock. I’m thinking of purchasing an Al Ko but it seems to me that it’s going to be a bit of a faff getting things lined up especially if I’m on uneven ground and using a ramp to level the caravan side to side. What are peoples experiences and is it really much more secure?

Navigateur replied on 02/04/2024 17:07

Posted on 02/04/2024 17:07

I have used the Al-ko locks for years and have two on my current caravan and have not found any faff yet. The only thing that needs thinking of ahead is that the lock cannot be fitted between the wheel spokes where the tyre valve is located.

As well as blocking the removal of two wheel nuts the lock also passes through the wheel into the chassis giving further difficulty for the thief.  No lock is completely secure since it is possible to drag a caravan with any wheel lock in place up onto a transporter. What the lock buys you is making it more difficult for a thief to the extent that they choose a different caravan to steal.

Tinwheeler replied on 02/04/2024 18:03

Posted on 02/04/2024 18:03

And an alternative view….

Alko wheel locks are the work of the devil. We gave up using ours and chose to forego the insurance discount. They were faff with a capital F.

eurortraveller replied on 02/04/2024 19:57

Posted on 02/04/2024 19:57

I stored caravans for 50 years at home  at 5 houses (Cumbria to Cornwall) without any wheel locks at all. Whether you need them at all really does depend where you are. I never bothered.

Cornersteady replied on 02/04/2024 20:48

Posted on 02/04/2024 20:48

As per TW. We changed from the Alko (horror) to a Wraith. It was just so fiddly to fit the Alko as it had to be precisely lined up with the mover on. With the Wraith you can just fit it anywhere after taking off the mover and all the stress when coming home was taken away, also very much faster.

We checked with our insurance (Club cover) and both were approved. As EM said if they want your caravan it will go so all you're buying is time and/or making them look for an easier target so at least have a hitch lock as well and other devices if you feel the need. 

eribaMotters replied on 02/04/2024 21:23

Posted on 02/04/2024 21:23

Guilty as charged eurotraveller. My policy says two devices to be fitted when caravan is left unattended. It only takes seconds so no problem. 


Cornersteady replied on 02/04/2024 22:14

Posted on 02/04/2024 22:14

Depends on the type of campsite I would say, busy (club) sites with key barriers are a different proposition to other less busy open sites.

But more importantly what is written into one's insurance document must be taken into account.  

KjellNN replied on 02/04/2024 23:25

Posted on 02/04/2024 21:16 by eurortraveller

I have even seen some people fit wheel locks at campsites. That seems to me a really surprising level of anxiety.

Posted on 02/04/2024 23:25

For us, not anxiety, just an insurance requirement.  Mind you, I doubt anyone would bother to steal our now 15 year old van!

No problem to fit, even on our twin axle, I am usually lucky in that  both wheels line up, only occasionally do I have to jack up the van to fit the second AlKo.

We also use a hitch lock, and have an alarm and tracker, plus a secondary GPS thing that came with our Alde "extra box".   Discount makes insurance cost very reasonable.

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