Implied Endorsement

JohnM20 replied on 20/11/2023 15:56

Posted on 20/11/2023 15:56

I know this topic has been discussed previously at length but trying to find the relevant thread is nigh on impossible on this site. Hence, I have started a new one. Apologies.

Whilst searching through lots of CLs on the club website for next years holidays I came across one that amazed me. Within the page on the club website was the usual range of pictures of the CL and surrounding area. However, this one went a step further and had an aerial video shot, I guess from a drone. It started off (and I think also finished), with the club's logo and as the drone flew over the site it was very clear that there were not 5 outfits on the site but 7. By starting/finishing the video with the logo implied, in my opinion, that the club condoned this excess of allowed numbers. I don't think this was very bright of the CL owner to advertise so blatantly  that they accepted more outfits than allowed. Unfortunately I can't remember which CL it was.   Even if two of the outfits were actually about to leave the site at the time of videoing, which doesn't appear to be the case, it certainly gives the wrong impression, being able to count seven. The question is, don't the club look at what they publish or allow to be published?

eribaMotters replied on 20/11/2023 16:12

Posted on 20/11/2023 16:12

From my own experience it would appear the club do not take any responsibility for some things they publish.

It is not exactly the same thing, but I recall raising the issue of an advertisement for vehicle ECU mapping in the club magazine. A day or so later I enquired about club car insurance and was told they would not cover a vehicle that had its ECU remapped.



nelliethehooker replied on 20/11/2023 20:14

Posted on 20/11/2023 20:14

John, I think you should address your concerns directly to the club's CL team at HO. I doubt that you will get a positive response, but should they  reply it will be interesting to read it, if you would kindly post off on here.

DavidKlyne replied on 20/11/2023 21:04

Posted on 20/11/2023 21:04

I don't know, but somehow imagine the Club invite CL owners to summit photos and videos for inclusion on the webpage for their site. I very much doubt there is much scrutiny of those photos and videos and it is quite possible that the person tasked with adding them to the website might not be familiar with the 5 van rule? I would agree that it is somewhat silly to include a video which shows 7 units on the CL when the owner will be well aware that is against the rules they have signed up for. In a sense this thread is a bit pointless unless the OP is willing to go back and find the exact CL and as Nellie suggests report it to the Club. There may be a perfectly innocent explanation but equally that might not be the case. As with all cases like this the Club will need something solid to work on and at the very least that will need to be the name and location of the CL.


mickysf replied on 20/11/2023 22:21

Posted on 20/11/2023 22:21

It concerns me when conclusions and assumptions are made without first establishing facts. There are several plausible reasons why more than five units could be observed. For example, we stay at one CL where the owner’s and their daughter’s caravans are ‘stored’ on site which at first glance appear to be on touring pitches. Another where husband and wife run CLs separately in what can be best described as adjacent fields but sharing facilities. Both instances are I’m sure legitimate instances of more than five vans appearing to some to be on a CL. 

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