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kalamitty55 replied on 30/09/2023 18:10

Posted on 30/09/2023 18:10

just looking through the new cl,s in the mag and in some there is the price £20 +occ can some one explain what occ is please 


vbfg replied on 03/10/2023 09:47

Posted on 30/09/2023 18:42 by CholseyGrange

The vast majority (I'd estimate 95%) of CLs that I have come across assume 2 adults within their Pitch Price.  Whereas most Club and Commercial sites give the headline price with 1 person.   

This means that comparing prices between types of site (if you just look at the 'from' price) can be somewhat misleading. 

Here at Cholsey Grange, we price at £25 per hardstanding  pitch all year.  Our nearest Club site is Henley Four Oaks, which (at the moment) has a headline price of £20, but  that is for a grass pitch with 1 adult.  Add another adult (2 total) and choose a hardstanding pitch and it rises to £30.60.  Of course the Club site has toilets and showers, which we don't, but if you prefer to use your own facilities then we'd be the 'price choice'.

Posted on 03/10/2023 09:47

Most commercial sites rarely charge per person but usually for 2 adults and so if, like myself. you are a single tourer, it works out more expensive to stay on most commercial sites and quite a few CLs as well, than it does on a CMHC or CCC site.

Skybarn Farm CL replied on 03/10/2023 12:12

Posted on 02/10/2023 19:28 by martinsclsite

Do you know I have not got many rules and terms for my site, I don't have a non refundable policy I only take money on the day of arrival, Cash or electronic transfer I give out the receipt either way, I don't charge for little kids or dogs, Or awnings I don't have electric on meter or anything like that. Just one price and I always try my best to make sure the people that come to my site leave happy and content with everything they have paid for. Themselves.And if people want to alter the day of arrival or time I always try to accommodate them in their new plans provided it does not interfere with any other bookings. And I can't see me increasing my prices next season I have no need to. All I ask is for people to treat the site sensibly and like how they would like to find it. A nice clean safe environment that is all.

Posted on 03/10/2023 12:12

Hi Martin,

Our CL site has been up and running for 10 years now, I think your's is new this year looking at your reviews.  We used to run in exactly the same way you describe until one year 1 in every 4 bookings was cancelled last minute or even on the day of arrival.  Sadly, we couldn't operate in that way any longer, it prevented others already on site from staying longer or we were turning bookings away who could have stayed due to the last minute cancelled bookings.  As we're a very busy site, fully booked throughout the summer, last minute cancellations are actually a problem for us for the above reasons and the obvious financial loss if we were still only taking payment on arrival.

If we charged £25 per night, as you do, we too would include absolutely everything, but we chose to reduce our nightly charge to £20 plus all electric used as it actually works out cheaper for our visitors.  The average cost per night for electric over the summer has been just £1.70 so we work out, on average, at £21.70 per night (summer) for a fully serviced hard standing pitch with free WiFi and a 2.5 mile private dog walk.  It also gives visitors the option of not hooking up and staying 'off-grid' if they prefer, just paying our nightly pitch fee.

The beauty of the CL network is variety.  Variety of locations, sites, prices, facilities and the way in which each CL is run.  There's something to suit everyone and I don't think any way is the wrong way.

Skybarn Farm CL, Lincoln

martinsclsite replied on 03/10/2023 17:25

Posted on 03/10/2023 17:25

Hi I hope everything is going really well for you at  skybarn farm It is really nice to hear from another site , and it is good that that other sites do things differently, I have only had one alteration of days this season so not much affects me. I had everyone keep to their days and I was lucky in days arrival and days vacating. And everyone that came are insisting that they come back next year. I think it is the little things like I print off train timetables and bus routes if they tell me that they want to go to Hampton court flower show or into London, And most of them went with a big bag of apples or pears from the fruit trees. I hope you had a good season this year and a even better one next.

Steve and Lynne P replied on 14/01/2024 19:13

Posted on 14/01/2024 19:13

I have not stayed on a club camp site yet. I find it strange that there is an extra charge for a second person. There is no extra cost to the site if there are two of us, or just the one. My other bug bear is the amount of sites that do not reply to emails asking if they have pitches available.

Looking forward to this year where we plan to spend quite a few days away in the van. This is only my second year as caravaner , so hoping to meet quite a few of you on the road.

Tinwheeler replied on 14/01/2024 19:31

Posted on 14/01/2024 19:31

I think you maybe confusing club owned/operated sites with CLs.

Club sites charge a pitch fee and a per person fee. Logically, more people will use more water and make greater use of facilities thus increasing costs to the club.  CLs, on the other hand, set their own charging method which can vary site to site.

It is not possible to email club sites but many CLs publish email addresses. If they don’t reply, you can always ring.👍🏻


nelliethehooker replied on 14/01/2024 20:42

Posted on 14/01/2024 20:42

It is not possible to email club sites but many CLs publish email addresses. If they don’t reply, you can always ring.👍🏻

 TW, that would be ok in a perfect world, but there are some CL owners who make little or no effort to respond to either an email or a phone call unfortunately. I do wonder how some manage to run their business.




nelliethehooker replied on 14/01/2024 21:20

Posted on 14/01/2024 21:20

Just what we do. It is just a pity that it happens, and that one can't make others aware of a potential problem when trying to book, as reviews are only for members who actually stay on a site.

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