Sell the house and live in the 'van/motorhome??!!

ColBur replied on 15/09/2013 13:20

Posted on 15/09/2013 13:20

Just wondered if any of our CT members actually live full-time in their ‘van? We regularly stay on a magic little site that is open all year round, and I guess about 6 or so of the pitches are occupied by regulars who actually live full time in their caravan or motorhome! Every 3 weeks or so they move off site for a week and then return. Often needing another car or ‘white van’ for work I have chatted to these working and they swear by the lifestyle and lack of household bills and hassle. Seems fairly idyllic but not for us! I’d love to hear from other people who actually do it, although I’m sure everyone will have a view, positive or negative, about the way of life!