What are you all up to

Oneputt replied on 13/12/2016 07:57

Posted on 13/12/2016 07:57

Got back from Fisher Field yesterday after a great weekend away.  Downside is van is filthy bit that will have to wait, more important jollities to enjoytongue-out House more or less decorated although not bothering with outside

Wherenext replied on 31/03/2024 13:07

Posted on 31/03/2024 13:07

Had lovely stroll this morning. The weather was sunny but a bit nippy with an Easterly wind.

I often moan about where we live, in the grand scheme as North Wales doesn't have consistently decent weather, but do like the village as the countryside is so accessible as today proved. I was soon out on country lanes searching for a first Swallow at a farm that is always the first locally to receive them but none seen today. Plenty of flora and fauna to keep me happy though.

Got back and got stuck into sorting a border out in the garden. Managed to finish it before lunch. I've been confined to quarters for the rest of the day (cooking).

MiLs birthday. Only the 30 cards this year. No space to put them all.

Scotland Nellie?

milliehull replied on 31/03/2024 13:34

Posted on 31/03/2024 13:34

Happy birthday to your MIL WN. I hope you all have a good day. The sun is still.shining in NI despite the dire weather forecast before we arrived. There was a bit of a nippy wind this morning but it has dropped a bit now. Son is doing some gardening with some 'advice' from OH. 😉.

Congratulations on the news of your DIL Bakers2.  your family day out sounds wonderful.

Wherenext replied on 31/03/2024 13:47

Posted on 31/03/2024 13:47

Thank you Millie. She was being a bit of a grump this morning about it until I suggested we return the cards and flowers to the givers. She reluctantly agreed to cheer up.laughing

OH has just remarked that the weather that was forecast for here was supposed to be worse. We'll take it as I expect you will.

HelenandTrevor replied on 31/03/2024 15:49

Posted on 31/03/2024 15:49

Just looking in quickly as away in the van currently. 

Happy Birthday to your MIL Wherenext hope she has a lovely day.

Millie, Enjoy NI our forecast for the weekend wasn't good when we left home,  but been okay on the whole

Have been walking round the Dudmaston estate this morning, just back and decided to take the awning down, should go and help, I suppose.🤣

Oneputt replied on 31/03/2024 19:06

Posted on 31/03/2024 19:06

Another fab day weather wise.  Fancy dress party was really good, Mrs One went as Andy Pandy (made her own costume including hat) and I went as Rupert Bear.  Some there thought a 6 foot + bear was a little intimidating. Now back on site so he’d a wander, not many empty pitches

Oneputt replied on 31/03/2024 21:08

Posted on 31/03/2024 21:08

No Millie that’s now put away.  Massive rainstorm with sheet lightning (spectacular) and thunder here at the moment 

nelliethehooker replied on 31/03/2024 21:49

Posted on 31/03/2024 21:49

MiLs birthday. Only the 30 cards this year. No space to put them all.

Scotland Nellie?

WN, please wish your MIL a belated birthday greetings from us both. You may be correct!😉

OP glad that you had a good time at the party. I bet your costumes went down a bomb.

Enjoy your time away, Helen, and have a safe journey home.


KjellNN replied on 01/04/2024 00:38

Posted on 01/04/2024 00:38

Another busy week, but at least some sunny weather, in between the downpours.  Managed to get the gas in the van sorted, cleaned the water system, cleaned all the floor under the bed and seats, ready to re-load.

Some shopping for the holidays, more looking after the boys and the guide hall, and yesterday cleaned all the inside of the van, so today we started putting stuff back in.  Afterwards, another trip to the guide hall for OH to sort out the heating and check supplies before meetings start again on the 15th. 

Someone else will be looking after things for the next 3 weeks.

Tomorrow will be expensive.....2 cars to fill with fuel!   DD is borrowing OH's car for the trip to York as she has not managed to get her boot lock replaced yet.  We will go down for lunch, put on the roof box for her, and leave the car there.  Hopefully she will return it with a full tank!

If the weather is decent, we plan to get towels and bedding into the van too.

OH was just saying that all the organising and packing seems to get more tiring every year.


Goldie146 replied on 01/04/2024 09:43

Posted on 01/04/2024 09:43

We don't have many sheep, but my grandson has a small flock of Herdwicks. The first lambs arrived yesterday - fit and well.


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