What are you all up to

Oneputt replied on 13/12/2016 07:57

Posted on 13/12/2016 07:57

Got back from Fisher Field yesterday after a great weekend away.  Downside is van is filthy bit that will have to wait, more important jollities to enjoytongue-out House more or less decorated although not bothering with outside

KjellNN replied on 03/04/2024 23:09

Posted on 03/04/2024 20:27 by nelliethehooker

Sounds like a job well done Francis. As you regularly travel down to Ayr perhaps you could tell me if there is a  layby on the A77 between the end of the M77 and Monkton suitable for us to pull in with the caravan on tow around lunchtime on a Friday. We think we might be heading to a THS at Troonwhich doesn't start until 1:00.

Posted on 03/04/2024 23:09

Nellie, the A77 there, after the end of the motorway bit has quite a few big lay-bys, but big only in  the sense of long, they are right beside the road so would be noisy, no separation, just a dotted line.

KjellNN replied on 03/04/2024 23:24

Posted on 03/04/2024 23:24

Otherwise there are services at the roundabout where the A76 goes off to Hurlford,  could be some parking available there as there are a few eating places and shops/petrol station.  Check it out on Google Earth.

Francis replied on 04/04/2024 13:31

Posted on 04/04/2024 13:31

Nellie - As Kj says there are a few lay-bys on the road after the M77 but they are just in to the side and not set back but they would be ok to sit in but maybe not the most scenic or comfortable if waiting for a while. If you cut off at Kilmarnock there is a BP with McDs etc just off the slip road and you may have space to wait there which I would say is better option we have taken caravan there before when fueling up car and had no issues.

DSB replied on 04/04/2024 15:18

Posted on 04/04/2024 15:18

Lovely to hear about all the wedding's.  This year it will be 45 years for us... (married at St Thomas's Church, Wednesfield, in 1979).  One of my A Level music students played the Prince of Denmark's March on the trumpet at the beginning of the service.  The Brewood Singers (which I'd started directing, 18 months before) together with my then church choir, sang at the service.  Honeymoon in St Ives, Cornwall.....

These days, we seem to be getting fewer church weddings, especially as there now appears to be more secular venues licenced for weddings.

The two family weddings we went to last year were both at 'Stately Home type hotels'.  Although I missed having these services in church, it was also quite nice having the ceremony and reception at the same place.


DSB replied on 04/04/2024 15:48

Posted on 03/04/2024 22:55 by KjellNN

Our own wedding, back in 1969, was in the University of Glasgow chapel, we met when we were both students there.  The reception was at a small hotel on the south side of Glasgow, and our honeymoon was one night at a hotel near Loch Lomond, followed by a week touring Scotland  with our small frame tent.

Posted on 04/04/2024 15:48

I'm quite fond of Loch Lomond, but have never taken the caravan up the A82.  The road isn't brilliant, especially north of Tarbet...  where you turn off to the right to keep on the A82.  Before we venture on that bit of the road we used to do a detour into Arrochar for a burger from the little takeaway by the Loch.  However, the last time we went it was closed.... I got the impression they were redeveloping/ upgrading it....   I must try and find out before our next visit to Lewis with Harris, in the summer.... 😀


Oneputt replied on 04/04/2024 16:50

Posted on 04/04/2024 16:50

We got married in Mrs Ones local church.  Eileen made her own dress plus’s 4 x bridesmaids and also a pageboys suit.  We paid for the reception and had our honeymoon in Cornwall

nelliethehooker replied on 04/04/2024 21:28

Posted on 04/04/2024 21:28

Thanks Kjell & Francis, I will take a virtual journey down the A77 and suss out the laybys. We would only want a 15 min stop to give Flyte a comfort break, and a drink and a sandwich for us for lunch.



Wherenext replied on 05/04/2024 15:45

Posted on 05/04/2024 15:45

A typical April day here today, squally showers interspersed with warm sunshine but blustery at present.

Managed a dry walk this morning, except for the last 100 yards! Mil and OH took the wheelchair for a spin. Apparently went well.

We had a chat yesterday about the holiday cottage that was booked at Christmas for this summer in Northumbria. We have decided to cancel it as some of the ground around the outside might present a hazard to MiL. She might well be fine come July but we have to pay the balance soon so we thought it prudent to cancel and book something later in the year when we know how things stand. 

I phoned the insurer as we paid a substantial deposit. It took a 15 minute chat, no paperwork, no supporting letter from GP and a promise of a refund, less the excess, to be paid into my account within the next 3 working days. To say I was gobsmacked was an understatement. Fantastic service.

Tammygirl replied on 05/04/2024 19:12

Posted on 05/04/2024 19:12

WN, good to hear MIL is now mobile albeit with assistance. I'm sure that will lift her spirits to be able to get out and about.

We woke up to snow this morning🥶 lasted until lunchtime then got washed away by the rain 🌧️ it's still 🌧️

The rivers are all running high again and the farmers fields that at long last had dried out enough for the farmers to plough, are once again full of lakes with birds on them. 

Just a few weeks now until we head off on our spring trip, I can't wait for some decent weather 🤞🤞🤞

NTH I hope you have a good time in Scotland.





nelliethehooker replied on 05/04/2024 21:21

Posted on 05/04/2024 21:21

Thanks, TG, we too are hoping for some dry weather, and preferably lots of it!! Hope your spring trip goes well.

Good to read that the trial with the wheel chair went well WN. You will have done well to get most of your deposit back from your insurer.

After a wet night we have had a mostly dry day, although it has been quite chilly with no sunshine.


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