Tutorial for uploading photos and video

RochelleCC replied on 15/12/2016 09:05

Posted on 15/12/2016 09:05

Hi everyone, 

As requested, I've created a tutorial video for those who would like some help uploading photo and video on Club Together. Feel free to use this thread to practice!

If you have any further questions please let me know smile


JD6620 replied on 15/12/2016 17:28

Posted on 15/12/2016 17:28

Second attempt using the 800 pixel method but when you click for the larger image there are scroll bars.  Why does it not display the full picture?

At least it's an improvement on the old forum.  I never could get photos to work on that!



cyberyacht replied on 15/12/2016 19:04

Posted on 15/12/2016 19:04

I think the biggest it can cope with without scrollbars is 500px which would make the vertical about 350px in the usual 4:3 format. Don't know if it could cope with a portrait layout. It does seem a little strange that, having set a file size limit of 500Kb, it doesn't allow a full utilisation of the size that such a file would allow. But then, this is CC so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

brue replied on 15/12/2016 19:13

Posted on 15/12/2016 19:13

I've been using 500 pixels max but this is 800. 

500 is better, 800 is good unless it's expanded on left click. (Cairngorms photo.)

chasncath replied on 15/12/2016 22:33

Posted on 15/12/2016 22:33

What's the point of adding a photo which is no larger than an thumbnail! It's pointless. At least in the old site column-wide photos could be loaded from photobucket et cetera. This new Photo uploading is worse than useless!! Won't someone step in and manage this websitefrown

N1805 replied on 16/12/2016 06:20

Posted on 16/12/2016 06:20

Was able to post a practice picture or 2 with a helpful poster's instructions on the old site. Unable to do so at present here & Rochell's instruction's are the same - photo appears then disappears & I saw briefly what I guess is programing language. 

Xmas is coming & have other things to get on with so will just read posts for now. Merry Xmas Everyone.

Kennine replied on 16/12/2016 18:44

Posted on 16/12/2016 18:44

Trial Video as per the FM's instructions  Embedding film clip from photobucket


SteveL replied on 16/12/2016 18:57

Posted on 16/12/2016 18:57

I found on another thread that if I wanted to upload five, 400 x 300 pixels was about the maximum this system would allow. As these test photos. If it was only one I could generally go to 800 x 600. Although even some of those failed. So perhaps near the limit.

I am reducing from 12 megapixel photos on an iPad 3, using a downloaded photo size reduction app.



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