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This story happened on: 17/02/2024

Hi all, especially Cub booking team.

We live in Spain so do our touring in the opposite direction to most members, not complaining just saying. So as the end of year came we started planning our 2024 tour, this was to be April to June 2024 mainly in UK to visit family and friends. This is where a major benefit of the club came in, we had one French site booked and 4 sites in England and Wales reserved by the middle of January.. Then disaster (well for us anyway) mid February my wife Lynne had a fall where she hit her head severely and broke her wrist (Radius and Ulna still healing) in addition the shock from the head impact went down the spine and fractured the T12 vertebrae. With all this now repairing Lynne is impeded in movement and has to lay flat quite a lot so travelling by car or any prolonged movement not happening at the moment. Consequence we cancelled all the CAMC reservations with no cancellation fees or any difficulties, had we made direct reservations and gone our own way then the costs would have bee quite high so than you Caravan and Motorhome club for a fantastic service.

We will have a short break in May but just down the road in Alicante/Murcia area to get Lynne back up and running and try UK visit September/October.

So thanks once again and a reminder to all our camping colleagues of another benefit of the club life!

DavidKlyne commented on 28/03/2024 20:57

Commented on 28/03/2024 20:57

I assume by "direct booking" you mean non Club sites? It is certainly true that the Club have far more generous T&C's than most commercial sites as I have found out to my cost in the last couple of years. 

Hope your wife continues to make a good recovery.


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