Wing mirror scam in Italy

This story happened on: 25/05/2024

On Saturday 25.5.2024 whilst driving our motorhome along the S434 having left the E70 at Verona and heading towards the A13 when having passed a small silver coloured motorcar I heard a very loud bang as though we had been hit on our offside. Minutes later the same vehicle overtook me and seemed to indicate something to our roof. This driver then pulled into a lay by. I stopped alongside and the driver then pointed to his damaged "wingmirror". Being aware of the scam I immediately drove on. The driver made no attempt to follow. On inspecting my motorhome later on the journey, I found no damage to my motorhome.                  The message here is not to stop and to keep driving. 



surfdudegrandad commented on 31/05/2024 13:44

Commented on 31/05/2024 13:44

 This happened to us outside Milan. Unfortunately seeing his wing mirror bouncing down the motorway, and the lack of one when we pulled up meant this was real.

There was clearly a dent on my van too!

A very funny conversation then took place using Google Translate as neither of us spoke each others language! I apologised and he was great about it. 

garwman commented on 19/06/2024 09:52

Commented on 19/06/2024 09:52

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