Mayday cover options

Mayday cover options


During the Coronavirus outbreak, the main Mayday phone number - 0800 051 5318 - will continue to operate, however, new business sales are currently only available online by clicking ‘Get a Quote’. Green Flag will be reducing their customer administration call centre opening hours as follows:

Monday to Friday – 8am - 7pm
Saturday – 9am - 5pm
Sunday – Closed

Support calls during these hours may be subject to delay.

Emergency breakdown calls will remain open on the same number - 0800 051 5318 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Compare our 3 cover levels 

Nationwide recovery

If we are unable to affect a repair or temporary fix, we will arrange and pay for the recovery of the vehicle(s) and person(s) to your choice of the following, anywhere in the UK:

  • Your home
  • Your original destination
  • A suitable repairer within 10 miles of either: where the incident occurred; your home; or your original destination.

Dual recovery

All our cover options include Dual recovery, which means that a breakdown need not spoil your holiday. Dual recovery means:

  1. If your vehicle breaks down on the way to a pre-booked site, and your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside, we’ll get you there safely – and back home again if it can’t be repaired by the end of your stay;
  2. If you break down during your stay at your pre-booked site, we’ll get you back to the site and we’ll take you, your passengers and your vehicle home if it can’t be fixed in time for your return journey.

Pre-departure caravan cover

If your caravan or trailer is immobilised at your home (or where you normally store it), we will attempt to affect a repair or temporary fix before you start towing.

As with all of our services, if this cannot be achieved, we will arrange and pay for the transportation of the caravan/trailer to a suitable repairer within ten miles of either your Home or your original destination. Pre-departure caravan cover is only available for the Premium UK Plus cover level.

Extra care

Extra care provides a range of services that offer even more peace of mind in the event of a breakdown, where the normal recovery option may not be appropriate at that time. This includes the ‘Driver Care’ element, comprising:

  • Car hire included at no extra cost as an alternative to recovery; OR
  • The cost for injured persons to continue the journey or return home by alternative transport; OR
  • Overnight accommodation expenses whilst awaiting repairs;
  • Up to £100 per person, to a maximum total of £600

In addition, extra care includes:

  • A chauffeur if the only driver is injured or becomes ill;
  • Motoring Legal Expenses up to £25,000 and legal advice included at no extra cost
  • A telephone message handling service

Extra care is only available for the Premium UK cover level.

Enhanced extra care

Enhanced extra care is an upgrade on extra Care, where the ‘driver care’ element is enhanced to a cost of £150 per person (maximum total £900), but also offers the elements of driver care in combination, rather than offering a choice of one exclusive element.

For example, with extra care, if you choose car hire, you are not then also entitled to overnight accommodation. With enhanced extra care, Mayday will work with you to find which elements can be combined to offer you the best solution.

Enhanced extra care is only available for the Premium UK Plus cover level.

Additional vehicle cover (optional extra)

Additional vehicle cover provides cover for up to five other vehicles registered at the same address as the main insured vehicle. Additional vehicle cover is available as an add-on to all levels of cover, but the level of cover used for this add-on cannot be higher than the level of cover for your main insured vehicle.

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