British Canoeing rebrands as Paddle UK


British Canoeing has commenced a new era for the organisation, with the launch of the new Paddle UK name and brand identity to represent ‘Every Paddler, Every Craft and Every Type of Water’.

Over the last five years, there has been a rapid growth in recreational paddling by a broader and more diverse audience. The new name reflects the demographics of its evolving membership and is far more inclusive as it captures more fully the breadth of paddling activity that falls under its responsibility, including kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding and paddlesport.

85% of Paddle UK members are recreational paddlers, who take part in paddling activities for fun, enjoyment and to be close to nature. 

Membership has grown from c40,000 to c90,000 members, with over 50,000 registering an interest in stand up paddleboarding.

This change in demographic was formally recognised last year by Sport England, who awarded the status of a national governing body for stand up paddleboarding.

Professor John Coyne CBE, Chair of Paddle UK said:

“All of our members paddle, but not everyone does the sport. So Paddle UK aims to be representative and inclusive of all paddle activities and sports.

“I look forward to seeing Paddle UK develop as we commence this new chapter for the organisation and very much hope we will represent Every Paddler, Every Craft, For Every Type of Water.”

The new brand identity was revealed to members at the Annual General Meeting on 12th March, ahead of the launch.

The new brand assets include:

·         New primary colours representing the dark blue for heritage and a lighter modern blue shade to represent all paddlers.

·         The paddle shape in the capital P, representing the paddle, which is used by everyone who paddles. 

·        The paddle pattern, the handle of the paddle icon as a repeating pattern, which is one of the key brand elements. 


More information is available on the new Paddle UK website: