Our Divisional and Regional Councils

What are Divisions and Regions?

There are 10 Divisional and Regional councils across the UK and Ireland, and each has their own website.  They meet regularly to discuss Club matters, and arrange events for Club members.

How can I be heard through Divisions and Regions?

Each Division and Region holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Club member living within the area of their Division or Region may attend.

Apart from AGMs there are other ways in which members can exchange views, ask questions and hear from The Club’s Executive Committee members and Club staff. For example:

  • Question Times: The Question Time event is a top-table panel with representatives from the Executive Committee, senior Club staff, Regional Council members and one or two representatives of associated caravanning bodies, such as a caravan dealership or manufacturer.

Can I be part of a council?

All members have the opportunity to become an elected member of their local Division or Region.

If you’d like to learn more about the councils, have a chat with your local Regional or Divisional Secretary – they’ll tell you all about what they do and how you can get involved.

Information - What is a Centre?

The Caravan Club currently has 69 Centres throughout the UK and Ireland that are run by volunteers elected by their members at Centre AGMs. Centres organise rallies and other activities for members, and provide a great social hub throughout the year. They also provide valuable support to the work of The Club. To attend and vote at a Centre AGM, Club members must be a member of that Centre. Centre membership is free of charge. Please contact your local Centre for further details – details can be found on The Club website and each centre has its own website.