Improving your booking experience

Improving your booking experience

Chatsworth Park Club Campsite, Derbyshire. Photo by Richard T

Frequently asked questions

What are you planning to do?

Building on the success of our new overseas online booking experience launched in 2019, we’ve continued to listen to your feedback and are introducing a new, easier way for everyone to plan and book their UK holidays with us. We are going to introduce deposits to make it easier for all members to find a pitch, a prepayment option to speed up arrival, the ability to pre-book all pitch types, a new interactive map on our website and the ability to book multiple campsites for different dates in one go.

Why are you introducing deposits?

Back in 2018, to improve availability for all members, we changed the way we put pitches on sale to enable you to always book at least a year ahead, all year round. This new system has proven very popular, with over one million nights already booked for stays in 2022!

The next step to improving availability is the introduction of deposits coupled with cancellation terms and conditions. This will help address the rise in cancellations, which has been a growing problem that has increased in recent years.

In a normal year, we often see over 25% of all bookings being cancelled (that’s over 950,000 cancelled nights...every year!)

Of those cancelled nights, over 25% are made within four days of arrival, so it’s very difficult for other members to take advantage of the newly vacant pitches.

And it’s not just a small minority of ‘block bookers’ who are cancelling, almost half of all members who make a booking each year make at least one amendment or cancellation too. As you can imagine, a lot of members all cancelling a few times a year soon adds up! After reviewing the market, speaking to members and looking at other campsite providers the best solution to reduce speculative bookings is to introduce a deposit system. This will reduce the number of speculative bookings and create more availability for members.

We know plans sometimes do have to change, so if you cancel or amend your booking at least 21 days before arrival, your deposit will be fully refunded. This will give other members enough time to make a new booking and take advantage of the newly available pitch.

Club members and staff have worked together to create this new approach, and we’re all confident it will provide all members with more availability and an easier booking experience.

How much will a deposit be?

A deposit will be calculated for each individual campsite stay within a booking and will usually be 20% of the total value of each stay. If several different campsite stays are booked together within one booking, one payment will be taken at the time of booking to cover all the applicable deposits of all the stays combined. There is a minimum deposit value of £25 per stay. However, if the total price of the stay is less than £25, then the total price will be paid as the deposit.

Can I pay for my whole booking before arrival?

Yes. When the new booking system is introduced it will be set up to automatically take your balance the night before arrival, unless you opt out. If you opt out, the balance will be paid on arrival at the campsite, however this will increase the time it takes for you to 'check in' on arrival.

Will I be able to book all types of pitch, including hardstanding or grass standard pitches as currently members have to choose upon arrival?

Yes. When the new system is introduced all guests will be able to pre-book all types of pitch as part of their new booking.

How will the new interactive map on the website benefit me?

The interactive map will offer you a quicker and easier way to browse, find and compare multiple campsites. You'll be able to search your preferred geographical areas, compare up to three campsites and find your perfect campsites and book your holiday more easily.

Can I book more than one campsite stay in one go (ie: book multiple stays at multiple campsites within one booking)?

Yes, you’ll be able to search for and book multiple campsites across different dates at the same time within one 'basket booking'. For example, you can book a stay at campsite A for 3 days in June, plus a stay at campsite B for 3 days in September, at the same time, all within one 'basket'. You could also book multiple stays at the same campsite over different date periods.

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