Hobby Prestige UMFe 650 tow car?

JoannCasey replied on 07/07/2019 16:32

Posted on 07/07/2019 16:32

Hi, I am considering trading in our 2011 Bailey Pegasus 534 for a 2016 Hobby Prestige UMFe 650 twin axle. I have a couple of questions.

What are other club members experience of towing these size caravans in the UK (with our winding roads) 

Would our 2010 Volvo XC70 be a suitable match. We have 10 years towing experience.

Any advice and opinions gratefully received.

MollysMummy replied on 08/07/2019 19:50

Posted on 07/07/2019 17:12 by

Why Hobby?

Most of these I see are used on seasonal pitches.

North Wales it's the caravan of choice.

Theres one of the things next door to me right now, door looking right at me, couple sat out under canopy, with accompanying chav lights, windbreak on my grass bit 

Dont do it

Posted on 08/07/2019 19:50

Your grass bit? ...... I thought the grass bits were "no man's land" 🤔

Wildwood replied on 09/07/2019 15:53

Posted on 09/07/2019 15:53

i am afraid the Hobby being heavier than the tow car would not be a good idea even if it was legal. Possibly the only legal tow is using a transit or similar but that might need a C1 licence.