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Good for bird watching, but too much road noise

We stayed at Caely for 3 weeks as we are currently exploring the UK. It had nice views and was a good location for visiting local places of interest and those a little further afield, our favourites being the Elan Valley, Powis Castle, Croft Castle and Westbury Water Mill Gardens, which were especially beautiful. We had a lovely afternoon watching the Kite feeding at Gigrin Farm, and a wonderful trip on the Vale of Rheidol railway - take a look at the first class carriage, which is so lovely with beautiful painted ceilings. We were allowed to put up our bird feeders, and were lucky enough to see woodpeckers every day, as well as nuthatches, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, red kites, jays, buzzards and many more. We were surprised to see such a variety of birds as the site is quite close to a very busy and fairly noisy road. Others have said that the road noise was minimal, but we found it very intrusive. We chose the site as it advertised WiFi, which is needed for some days working from 'home' in the caravan, but the reception was very poor. We were at the end of the line of pitches, and it was suggested that we move closer to the house, but it would have been a hassle to take the awning down so managed to tether to the phone instead. The hardstanding pitches were a bit soft and uneven, and we had a problem with the electricity tripping out even with just a kettle on, as did those either side of us. Again, this may have been better closer to the house? The pitches have electricity and water but no grey waste, the bin area was clean and tidy and there was an area of long grass for wildlife, in which there were swings for children and a couple of picnic benches. However, the grass around the pitches wasn't mown in the 3 weeks we were there and it would have been helpful to have an information sheet with local information and emergency contact numbers, which is standard in most sites we have visited. It was OK for £15 a night, but we just felt that it needed a bit more TLC.
Caravanner from East Sussex

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Caely replied on 23/07/2022 10:55

Posted on 23/07/2022 10:55

We are not sure its worth bothering to reply to this review as clearly every other reviewer thought differently. 

There can sometimes be a little noise from the road pitches are at least 100m from the road. but then good access to the site from an A road its not going to be silent. ( At night it is.)

There was a problem with our Wifi when they first arrived this was rectified by the second day. Speeds are variable as the system uses a 4g connection but for most of the time 8-12 Mbps download and 14-30 Mbps upload would have been available. We could stream video to our 2 devices at the same time by their pitch,

As mentioned we did ask if they would like to move nearer to the house for a better signal when other pitches became available, although  also this would have saved the grass under their ground sheet.

Interesting to hear about grass cutting as most of the pitches were cut at least 3 times during their stay we try not to cut whilst people are in as we don't like to make a lot of noise so perhaps they did not notice. As explained the area in front of the pitches is keep long for the early part of the year to make hay.

As for the electricity we've not had this happen before ever and were only told about it by them once when using shower and kettle, if it kept happening maybe its time to checkout their rig and ratings its only a 16amp supply, shower and kettle+? at same time? or may be an earth leakage problem.

Since COVID-19 we have stopped giving an information sheet we are thinking about giving one again.

Water & electricity on pitch, grey water 50m away, (we do ask people not to use the ditch) 

£15/night ? tlc?