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Peace and tranquility

Rated 4 of 5

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Lovely area, but not peaceful

Lovely remote spot, ideal for numerous walks from the site (eg to Launde Abbey and back via fields), and horse watching. From the reviews, was really looking forward to my stay. However, despite these, it isn't peaceful or quiet anymore, as loads of building work going on. It is very laid back, the owner is friendly, but it's all a bit of a shambles. Woken at 7.30am by v loud builder radio, and while I didn't want to, had to eventually ask for it to be turned down. The field you camp in is pretty, but isn't anywhere near the 2 acres listed. Two nice pitches, with lovely views from the corner one (Pitch 1), which is easily the best by far, but not the other three. If you are sensitive to electronic noise, this isn't the site for you, and best avoided. There's a domestic sewage treatment plant by the gate to the field, which hums and chunters away day and night, with one pitch right next to it. The second evening, after I'd moved as far away from this as I could, the place was mostly quiet, so you could hear the birds, sheep and relax. Lovely! Unfortunately, around 9pm, a really loud drier or generator or something started up in the farm by the entrance to the site, very close by, and was still going well after 11, by the time I eventually managed to get to sleep (aided by earplugs and woolly hat/duvet over ears). Sadly, despite booking three nights, I left early the next day, as the site wasn't what I'd hoped for.

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