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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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The entrance arriving from Hawkshead is tight if you have a long caravan and it’s a narrow track with no signs as to where to go .We pulled in and stopped whilst deciding what angle to park on the allocated plot to get the best view and not block the view for the other caravan when a gentleman came over from his bungalow and in an abrupt manner asked if we had a problem .He then told us we had taken too long and also damaged the grass whilst using the motormover ,(if anyone has one you’ll know how slow they move so quite difficult to damage anything.) He went on complaining and then told us if he sees one of our dogs doing anything on the grass we would be asked to leave !!there is even a sign telling you this .I couldn't believe his attitude,what were we supposed to do ,follow them around with a bucket under their bottom?There is no information,nothing is explained and in fact this has to be the most unfriendly place we have ever stayed.If feels like big brother is watching your every move and move is what we did .Within 2 minutes down the road is a larger site but couldn’t be more opposite . This site does not deserve your money .

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