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Thanks for your feedback - updates coming

Thanks to all who have written reviews of our CL, Maisey Cottage. We are keen caravanners and we always take your feedback seriously and are always seeking to improve our customer experience. Before next season we plan to make the following adjustments/upgrades. 1. The entrance gateway. Some have noted that the entrance gate to our site is a little tight at 12ft. I have decided to remove the first entrance gate from the road to the site and this will widen the entrance by a further 3-4 feet. The second security gate will remain as this is set well back and only approached once your unit is straight. 2. Elsan point. As a recent reviewer noted, the lid of our disposal point is approx 1 foot off the ground and that this may cause older customers to struggle with tipping a full waste tank. To alleviate this I will provide a sturdy wooden ramp so that you can wheel your tank up to be tipped more easily. 3. Dog Walk. This year we have provided a dog walk to our customers around our large 11 acre field, where we have mowed a path all way around (with a shortcut for those that dont want to walk that far). This has proven to be a big success as owners can exercise their dogs safely. We will continue to do this for future seasons. Thanks again for your feedback and for coming to our lovely site. We hope to see you return soon! Steve & Jane

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replied on 04/10/2017 18:57

Posted on 04/10/2017 18:57

You have obviously thought about this Steve. I have not used your site but would make a comment for you to consider. 

As somebody with only a slight mobility problem but with arthritis in my spine I fing that ground level empty points for Elsan are far more difficult than raised ones as on most CC sites. On these I can easily lift the weight upward and am then able to rest cassette on top of brickwork to manoeuvre and pour and also for swilling out. Just something to consider.