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Unfortunately the description given by the owners

We visited this site recently and stayed for a few days. I am afraid to say that I have to agree with everything that the previous reviewer has said. Having read the description of the site before booking it I expected much more. In truth the goose poo is everywhere and you just can't avoid it. Even if you try and clear it from around your van it will be back the following day.The road noise is considerable and we were also treated to loud bass music from what we believe was a nearby industrial unit. The access will be an issue for anything other than small vans as has been said, as the rear of the unit will be left protruding out onto the road as you wait for the gates to open on what appears to be a fast cut through for local traffic. It is also worth mentioning that the mobile signal is extremely poor to non existent.All in all a disappointing stay which is a shame as the owners description promised so much more.

Response from the Club: 

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We appreciate all comments, whether positive or negative, as they help us improve our services.
We understand your concerns regarding road noise. While we acknowledge that there may be some level of noise, our CL adviser who regularly checks the CL Site believes it is not to the extent that it would cause major disturbance. Nonetheless, we are sorry you felt it disturbed your enjoyment of the site but hope you are reassured by the other reviews that have also expressed it has not been an issue for them.
Regarding the issue of music being played, the CL Owner has advised there were 3 days when some workman were in a field opposite. If you had spoken to the CL owner that it was disturbing your stay he would have made enquires and stopped it.
As for the presence of bird droppings, we recognise that the beautiful natural environment surrounding the site's establishment may attract birds, making it challenging to completely eliminate this issue. In this case they had a flock off 30 Canadian geese visit the lake. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Mobile signal on the site is not always available as it's in a rural location. However, the CL Owner does advise guests to walk up their drive to get a signal.
We hope this has helped address your concerns.

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Catley Cross House replied on 03/10/2023 17:19

Posted on 03/10/2023 17:19

I have discussed this review with the club hence their response,I feel this review is a complete joke to be honest, my site is otherwise 5 stars all the way and has been from the start. I pride myself on welcoming guests and all reviews are testament to that. My wife uses the same access for our 18 ton horse box(12m long !) as do many people who hire our arena with numerous horse lorries and car/trailers not to mention every other guest we have had.

If any guests has a problem they simply tell me and its sorted, ref mobile signal, if I had been told I would have said to walk up the drive a little to gain signal.

 The clubs response covers other issues, for this to happen twice recently is a real kick in the teeth to be honest, if you are reading this please look at all other reviews.