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At last the approach road has been sorted out and there are no ramshackle wild campers cluttering the place up. Unfortunately, the proverbial baby has been thrown out with the bath water. The approach lane is now double yellow lines along its entire length, meaning that there is no off site parking for visitors within a reasonable distance of the site. The site does not allow any visitor parking ( this message was reinforced in the booking confirmation email), so don't use this site if you expect to welcome visitors. When I queried this lack of facility with the staff I was told that parking is available at the cafe in East Brighton Park or at the marina. This isn't particularly helpful if your visitor is a young mum with two kids and it's pouring with rain. Furthermore, the parking at the cafe isn't particularly welcoming with some of the broken down buses, vans etc now using that parking area having been moved from the lane. As we use Brighton site to meet with family and friends in the area, this is a big disincentive for us to continue using the site.
Caravanner from Middlesex

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