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Rated 5 of 5

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A popular caravan site due to its proximity to Broadway and GW Railway station. The site enjoys the usual standard found at the MHCC locations. Small handy shop selling distress items with a local garage at the sites entrance selling a wider range of goods. We had a fully service pitch near the entrance. These pitches were really popular with members as they were always full yet the site was only about 40% occupied. Our service pitch was poorly designed. The power water and drainage point were placed in the middle of two pitches. As you were required to park between the "red" markers this meant , if your water, drainage and electric was on the drivers side you were running pipes for these services across where you would pitch your awning or round it. You would need a good length of hose here. I did by chance find a separate drain in the middle rear, but unless you knew what it was, people would try to run waste to the service point. I would suggest it was marked in someway. Of course if you were lucky to be on the right of the service point and your access is also on the drivers side you would have no issues. Finally the biggest bug bear for here and all CCMH sites is the "1300 Wacky Races" . You see people "hovering" within the vaciniy of the site in order to arrive at 1300 on the dot. Then you have the "scramble" to secure a good pitch of your choice. And also you endure those who choose to re-tour the site to move from one pitch to another. All completely unecessary if we could reserve a numbered pitch. Even some CL sites are able to do this why cant the CCMH club?.

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