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Rated 4 of 5

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Stay in your vehicle !

Visited for a 3 night stay as we have done many times before and on the whole it is an excellent site,good location with excellent clean facilities and it was still very busy for the time of year. This time our arrival was spoilt by being shouted at for getting out of the vehicle,we were 3rd in the que so i went to go to reception as i have on many times in the past and was shouted at to get back in our vehicle by a member of staff at the barrier with a clipboard,it was unnecessarily aggressive and could have provoked a response but as i was shocked i obliged. Only on walking through the gate the next day did i see the sign asking you to remain in your vehicle but not in a position to see from your van in the que. So still a good site to stay at but don't step out of line ! and we pay to be spoken to like that !

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nunkie1 replied on 08/11/2023 19:42

Posted on 08/11/2023 19:42

We had the same very rude aggressive warden ,I’ve made a complaint,but won’t hold our breath,my wife completely gobsmacked the shouting and left a sour taste in our mouth,we love Broadway,but the time we’ve been before,he wasn’t there thank god,the othe staff were brilliant.