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Good base for visiting London -BUT!

On arrival, after a difficult journey we were allocated a pitch which is fine. On trying to get the caravan into its correct position our Motor mover wouldn't work. So for nearly an extremely stressful hour of not really knowing what to do(the van was stuck in the middle of the access road to the pitches), I could see a warden gardening close by so I went to tell him our predicament -I don't know how he didn't notice us struggling. He immediately said, oh it's because of the tower- there was a BBC communications tower right next to the site-he said it can affect the remote control on the movers. So why on earth were we not forwarned of the when checking in?? After the extremely stressful journey, and then this, we were ready for heading off thinking the mover was broken. Luckily there was nothing pitched opposite so we managed to reverse the van to the pitch with the car. Had there been something there we would not have been able to do it. On reading the site information after , it mentions motor movers could be affected by the tower, but who reads that before getting pitched up? This is an extremely serious communication failure and should be addressed. ALL visitors should be advised on checking in and it should be noted on the site information big and bold! Besides all of this, it is a good base for visiting London.

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