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Rated 2 of 5

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DO NOT BOOK THIS SITE IF YOIU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO STAY FOLLWING THE FERRY CROSSING FROM ROSCOFF TO PLYMOUTH. wE DID AND IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE! We stayed on this site in August 2023 for four nights after returning on the ferry from France. There was some confusion over the arrival times of the ferry in our booking confirmation. We checked with the Caravan Club before we travelled and were told that the times quoted for our journey to France were all in English time and the times quoted for our return were in French time. My husband checked this with the person when booking and was told that as we would be getting an hour back when docking so we would have ample time to drive to the site before 8pm and there wouldn’t be a problem. This proved not to be the case. The timing was in English time and we didn’t dock until 8pm. On arrival on the site the reception was closed and the note on the door said it was not manned after 8pm. So as to minimise disruption to other guests we proceeded to pitch on the nearest empty pitch to the reception intending to book in i the next morning. This is normal practice in Europe and Ireland. Very often they leave you instructions of where to pitch in an envelope on the door. The warden appeared 10 minutes later. He explained what had happened but he was very rude and shouted at us. He finally agreed we should continue to pitch and see him in the morning after my husband asked what he expected us to do. My husband had been really ill on the ferry and just wanted to go to bed not have an argument. The next morning we went to book in and they were both very rude to us again. It was only when my husband suggested that they refund the pitch fees and we go home that they said we could choose a pitch and tell them where we had pitched. We have never before encountered a reception like this on any other caravan site at home or abroad and it was in stark contrast to the warm welcome we received on all the sites in France. I enjoyed our stay in the area but not on this site and with hindsight wished that we had moved elsewhere the next day or gone home. We spoke to some other visitors from Germany who said they had encountered a similar experience. I feel this certainly not the reception we should be giving to our foreign visitors or indeed anyone else and is not what I would expect from the club. We pay quite a bit for membership and feel that the least we should be treated fairly and with respect.

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Tinwheeler replied on 12/09/2023 17:39

Posted on 12/09/2023 17:39

No way, in my view, is this site a convenient one to use for the Brittany Ferry terminal. I speak as one who used to live nearby.

Ask for advice on the forum and you’ll receive info on more convenient sites.

The Maneacs replied on 17/09/2023 22:27

Posted on 17/09/2023 22:27

It's interesting to read your review as we also encountered a very rude, shouting, pointing and quite aggressive warden (Kevin) at Plymouth Sound during our stay in August 2023.

We thought the site was great with fabulous views, a great dog exercise area, and lots of places nearby to visit, but we absolutely won't be returning as Kevins totally unprofessional outburst completely ruined our stay. It was our last day (thankfully) and one of our dogs, despite having just spent time in the exercise area decided she had to go. It was on our pitch and I stood right next to her and bagged it as soon as it hit the grass, which I thought complied with club rules of if there's an accident clean it up, but WOW, Kevin shot across from his mower, shouting TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! He was red faced, rude and aggressive and would not listen to a word we were trying to say to him. It was very upsetting and we have filed a formal complaint.