Rated 4 of 5

Rated 4 of 5

Peace and quiet

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Facilities and cleanliness

Rated 5 of 5


Rated 4 of 5

Good for families

It could be so much more

This is a site I so much want to write good things about. Quimper is a lovely city, the pitch we had was wide and spacious. The staff were great and the pool/’aquapark’ was fun and interesting. All this was just what I have come to expect from a Castels site. However, the site fails on the most basic of issues. There are 2 sanitation blocks; one by the summer palace is modern, clean and more than acceptable. It is the other one in the centre of the campsite which fails so spectacularly. The block is very old and when we were there only the male side was open, enquiries at reception prompted an answer that ladies were to use the same facilities. Not a problem where it is set up to be unisex, however in this case – access to the toilets was by passing the gents urinals – not a satisfactory solution. So if you are a female visitor, make sure you pitch at the southern end of the site. I’d love to go back as there was more of Quimper to explore – but until the washing facilities are sorted – it won’t be here.

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