Caravan theft prevention

This story happened on: 11/07/2014

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that we are posting three technical advice articles on Club Together, in order to help keep you and your caravan safe while on holiday. We do see your stories on Club Together when you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with theft or damage and so we’ve put together these articles to offer some extra advice.  

As over 1000 caravans are stolen per year, it is recommended that you take the necessary precautions needed to lower the risk of becoming another insurance statistic. In order to meet insurers’ conditions of acceptance, it is advised that you equip your caravan with the following:

Window and door locks

The first point of action when securing your caravan is to check every window and door lock is in full working order. If any locks are faulty make sure that you have them replaced immediately.

Caravan hitch locks

Hitch locks are a minimum requirement for most insurers, you wouldn’t leave your bike unlocked when unattended and the same goes for your caravan. The clue is in the name, the device covers and locks the hitching mechanism which prevents anyone being able to hook up your caravan and tow it away.

Caravan wheel locks

A wheel lock should be attached to your caravan wheel when it is stationary to keep the caravan demobilised. Not all wheel locks are suitable for certain caravans so it is best to check which type you need before you make a purchase. The Al- Ko system of wheel locks is available in three versions depending on the model year of your caravan.

Vehicle tracking devices

Tracking devices are installed and hidden in the structure of a caravan. They are an expensive device but are well worth installing. In the unfortunate event of your caravan being stolen, the tracking device will report the location of your caravan by sending a signal back to the control room. Modern tracking devices are mainly controlled by satellite, although the older systems use radio signals.

Caravan alarms systems

An alarm is a useful security measure to have as it will alert you and others around you if there is any disruption. The alarm may startle potential thieves and make them vacate the premises.

Caravan security

In order to establish that your caravan is up to scratch with security it is advised that you tick off a checklist to make sure you are fully equipped against theft. Always make sure that you take out caravan insurance before travelling.

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What wheel clamps are recommended for a Bailey Senator California series 6 2009 ?







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