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This story happened on: 11/07/2014

Hello all,

I just wanted to share this last article (which is one of three I’ve posted today), that offers some great little tips before you go on tour. This is particularly useful if you are quite new to touring. I hope it helps Happy

Once you have decided to take your caravan on a tour, the next step is to make sure you have valid caravan insurance to ensure peace of mind whilst you are on your travels. There are many important things to consider before venturing away, your checklist may end up being more than a length and a half.

Caravan equipment

The following are essentials that you should always pack whilst travelling for your car and caravan:

•             Jack

•             Spare wheel/tyre

•             Spare fuses/bulbs

•             First aid box

•             Torch/ batteries

•             Tools

•             Wheel clamp

•             Fire extinguisher

For your caravan only:

•             Fire blanket

•             Corner steady tool and pads

•             Levelling blocks

•             Wheel chocks

•             Step

•             Spirit level

•             Nose weight gauge

•             Mains lead 230v

•             Mains adaptor lead

•             Mains polarity tester

•             Battery 12v

•             Battery box


Documents to go

When you are miles away from home you should make sure that you carry important documents with you which you should have to hand at all times. The essential documents needed are as follows:

•             Cash

•             Cheque Books

•             Bank and Credit Cards

•             Handbook

•             Club Membership Cards

•             Passport

•             Driving Licence

•             Insurance Certificate

•             Mayday/Red Pennant papers and telephone number

•             Maps and guides

•             Log Books

Journey plan

Before hitting the road it is wise to outline your route beforehand, the last thing you will want is to get lost on the way. If it is a reasonably long journey you should always plan to make stops every few hours so that you are fully concentrated when driving. If you need to make overnight stops it is advised that you book these prior to travel.

Caravan towing

For safety measures you should undertake a full caravan service. You should also certify that caravan weight and load balance is not exceeded, you can find the maximum weight within your owner’s handbook.

 To make sure that you do not forget any essentials, take a look at our full checklist of important things to remember. Always remember to take out relevant caravan insurance before travelling.

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