The best tonic

This story happened on: 27/09/2021

Whilst staying at Strathclyde Country Park my sciatica took a turn for the worse and I went for a walk around the site to ease the pain. I noticed a warden (I think her name was Jane) on hands and knees, seemingly counting stones on an empty pitch. "Stock taking?" I asked. "Oh yes" she replied, we always check every pitch when you leave to see no-one's run off with any of our stones". It was a treat to meet someone as nutty as I am - and the best tonic for my back-pain. It turned out she was weeding. Couldn't they use some kind of spray instead? Apparently nothing that meets the clubs eco-friendly standards, so full marks to the club - and to your hard-working eco-warrior wardens!

Google map showing location of Strathclyde Country Park, Hamilton Road, Motherwell, UK