The Caravan and Motorhome Club Motorhome and Campervan Design Awards Buyers Guide


An independent, expert and knowledgeable panel carried out full technical specification, design, use of space and usability reviews of 106 new-to-market leisure vehicles. Working with these experts, the Caravan and Motorhome Club has compiled this guide, based on the important considerations when buying a motorhome or campervan, to help provide the information you’ll need to help with your next motorhome or campervan purchase.  All you need to do now is visit your local leisure vehicle dealer and you’ll soon be heading off on your next adventure.

Nick Lomas, Director General of the Caravan and Motorhome Club said, “The Motorhome and Campervan Design Awards Buyers Guide is the must-read guide for holidaymakers looking to buy a new motorhome or campervan. The expert panel have spent thousands of hours going through an immense amount of data from websites, brochures, handbooks and entry forms, all from their home offices.  One hundred and seven new motorhomes, campervans, pop-tops and A-Class vehicles were assessed on their bed sizes, kitchen equipment, layout, heating, security, payload and much more – no detail was left unexamined.  This in-depth guide will provide buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision when buying a new leisure vehicle.  We hope it will inspire many people to look at leisure vehicle holidays as an option to explore, have adventures and great holidays.”


The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Motorhome and Campervan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2021

Entry List and Star Rating


  1. Campervans

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles California 6.1 Ocean 5 stars

Bilbo's Trading Company Nexa+ 4.5 stars

Volksleisure North Star Mark 2 4.5 stars

Reimo North Trio Style 4 stars

Ventura Campervans Peugeot Boxer VR200 Touring 3.5 stars


  1. Van Conversions with a rising roof 

Adria Twin Sports 640SGX 5 stars

Auto-Trail Adventure 65 5 stars

Compass Avantgarde CV80 4.5 stars

Elddis Autoquest CV80 4.5 stars

Hymer FREE 540 4.5 stars

Malibu family-for-4 GT skyview 640 LE RB 4.5 stars


  1. Fixed roof Van Conversions under 6 metres 

RP Motorhomes Mercedes Benz Rebel Twin Exclusive Overlander 5 stars

Auto-Trail Expedition 67 4.5 stars

Bürstner Eliseo C600 4.5 stars

Carado CV 540 4.5 stars

Elddis Autoquest CV40 4.5 stars

Laika Kosmo 5.4 4.5 stars

Compass Avantgarde CV60 4 stars

Etrusco CV 540DB 4 stars

Globecar Roadscout Elegance 3.5 stars


  1. Fixed roof Van Conversions over 6 metres

Auto-Sleeper Fairford Plus 5 stars

RP Motorhomes Mercedes Benz Explorer 2 Exclusive 5 stars

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Grand California 680 5 stars

Adria Twin Supreme 640SLB 4.5 stars

Bürstner Eliseo C641 4.5 stars

Etrusco CV 640SB 4.5 stars

Laika Kosmo 6.4 4.5 stars

Malibu Charming GT 640 LE 4.5 stars

Pilote V630LG Special Edition 4.5 stars

Roller Team Toleno S 4.5 stars

Sunlight CLIFF 640 Adventure Edition 4.5 stars

IH N630 RL 4 stars

Swift Select 184 4 stars

Vantage Sky 4 stars

Globecar Summit 640 Prime 3.5 stars


  1. Two-Berth Coachbuilt motorhomes

Bailey Autograph 69-2 5 stars

Hymer B-ML T 780 5 stars

Adria Compact Supreme DL 4.5 stars

Auto-Sleeper Broadway EL 4.5 stars

Auto-Trail F-Line F-62 4.5 stars

Benimar Mileo 201 4.5 stars

Bürstner Lyseo TD 590 Harmony Line 4.5 stars

Elddis Encore 275 4.5 stars

Compass Navigator 105 4 stars

Sunlight T 69 LC Active 4 stars

Carado V 337 3.5 stars

Etrusco V 5900 DB 3.5 stars

Swift Escape Compact C502 3.5 stars


  1. Up to Four-Berth Coachbuilt motorhomes

Auto-Sleeper Nuevo ES LT Anniversary 5 stars

Adria Matrix Supreme 670DC 4.5 stars

Bürstner Lyseo TD 744 Harmony Line 4.5 stars

Carado T 459 4.5 stars

Carthago c-tourer T 143 LE MB 4.5 stars

Compass Concerto 255 4.5 stars

Elddis Autoquest 150 4.5 stars

Etrusco T 7400 QBC 4.5 stars

Hymer T-CLASS S 680 4.5 stars

McLouis Fusion 330 4.5 stars

Pilote P626D Évidence 4.5 stars

Roller Team Zefiro 665 4.5 stars

Sunlight T 68 Adventure Edition 4.5 stars

Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 599 4.5 stars

Auto-Trail Tracker SB 4 stars

Bailey Adamo 75-4DL 4 stars

Benimar Tessoro 487 4 stars

Laika Ecovip L4012 DS 4 stars

Malibu T410 Touring DB 4 stars


  1. Up to Six-Berth Coachbuilt motorhomes

Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche HB 4.5 stars

Bailey Autograph 81-6 4.5 stars

Bürstner Lyseo TD 728 G Harmony Line 4.5 stars

Dethleffs Just 90 T 7052 EB 4.5 stars

Carado A 464 4 stars

Carthago c-tourer T 148 LE H 4 stars

Compass Avantgarde 196 4 stars

Elddis Autoquest 196 4 stars

Etrusco A 7300 DB 4 stars

Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 4 stars

Swift Edge 466 4 stars

Benimar Primero 313 3.5 stars

Laika Kosmo 512 3.5 stars

  1. A Class under 7 metres

Frankia i640 SD | 5 stars

Auto-Trail Grande Frontier 70 | 4.5 stars

Carthago c-compactline I 141 LE | 4.5 stars

Mobilvetta K-Yacht 80 | 4.5 stars

Roller Team Pegaso 590 | 4.5 stars

Adria Sonic Axess 600SL | 4 stars

Carado I 338 | 4 stars

Malibu I441 LE Touring | 4 stars

Etrusco I 6900 QB | 3.5 stars

Laika Ecovip H3109 | 3.5 stars


  1. A Class 7 - 8 metres

Frankia i740 Plus | 5 stars

Adria Sonic Supreme 710DC | 4.5 stars

Carthago c-tourer I 149 LE MB | 4.5 stars

Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 DBM | 4.5 stars

Carado I 447 | 4 stars

Etrusco I 7400 QB | 4 stars

Laika Kreos 7012 | 4 stars

Roller Team Pegaso 740 | 4 stars

Malibu I500 Touring | 3.5 stars

Mobilvetta K-Yacht 85 | 4.5 stars


  1. A Class over 8 metres

Bürstner Elegance I920G | 5 stars

Frankia i7900 Platin Plus | 5 stars

Adria Sonic Supreme 810SL | 4.5 stars

Auto-Trail Grande Frontier 88 LD | 4.5 stars

Carthago chic e-line I 64 QB XL MB | 4.5 stars

Dethleffs XLI Edition 90 7850-2 EB | 4.5 stars

Two vehicles were highlighted as being a ‘Top Pick’ for families by the assessors.  From the Campervan and Van Conversion classes, the Auto-Trail Adventure 65 was chosen and praised as the team felt this was ideal for young families looking for a comfortable four-berth with washroom that can be kept on the driveway.  From the larger motorhomes, the team selected the Auto-Sleeper Nuevo ES LT Anniversary as it is spacious and easy to live in with a big washroom. Lots of living space and the over-cab bed is great for kids.

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The panel of experts:

Dan Cartwright 

Dan has been a passionate caravan advocate since 1989, when as an eight year old child he spent a wonderful week in a 1950's Willerby Wisp. Dan founded CaravanTimes in 2010 and has been there ever since. Dan is also a self confessed petrol head and has been chief car tester and motorbike journalist at CaravanTimes since it started.

Andrew Ditton 

A Club member since 1987, Andrew has been towing his own caravan since he was 17 years old. Since then, he has towed a variety of outfits many thousands of miles. As former Tow Car Tester for Caravan Magazine, he brings a wealth of practical hands-on experience to the judging panel.

Mark Sutcliffe

Mark Sutcliffe is an experienced motoring, travel and touring journalist with extensive experience of towing in the UK and overseas. A regular member of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year judging team for over a decade, he is a former editor of ‘Which Caravan’ and a regular contributor to the Caravan and Motorhome Club Magazine.

Martin Spencer 

A degree-qualified engineer, Martin’s been Club Technical Manager for 22 years overseeing practical advice for members while undertaking extensive industry engagement, government consultations and work on national/international standards development. His knowledge is underpinned by caravanning since the age of seven around most of the UK and Western Europe, and most recently motorhoming in Australia.

Sammy Faircloth
Sammy Faircloth comes from a family of devoted caravan enthusiasts and loves nothing more than touring with her family in the UK and abroad.  For the last six years she has written for the Caravan and Motorhome Club magazine and more recently joined the judging panel.  Her passion is her caravan and the great outdoors!

Ryan Philpott
As well as being an actor and writer, Ryan and his family are dedicated motorhomers.  Ryan and his wife Mel produce the YouTube vlog 'OvernightersTV' sharing their motorhoming adventures.  Ryan has appeared in TV shows such as Rosemary and Thyme, EastEnders and London's Burning, as well as touring UK theatres with Blood Brothers and most recently with Dickens Theatre Company. 

Martin Dorey
Martin is a writer, green activist and lifelong campervanner. He presented the BBC 2 show ‘One Man and his Campervan’ in 2011 and was guest judge on ‘Caravanner of the Year’ in 2016. Martin writes best-selling books about camping, including ‘Take the Slow Road’, a series covering driving beautiful routes.

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