Your new Digital Membership Card

Your new Digital Membership Card

Same membership, more convenient

Photo by staff member Jo Thomas, Lake District

Great news - inspired by members' feedback, your Membership Card is now available digitally! You can now access your card in our UK Sites App on your smartphone or tablet at the touch of a button. No more waiting for your card to arrive in the post (although you will still be sent one).


What are the benefits of the Digital Membership Card?

The Digital Membership Card is more accessible as it gives members instant access to their card within the app. This means members no longer need to wait for their physical card to arrive in the post. It is more secure, with login required to download it. It also can’t be lost, stolen or damaged.

Why launch a Digital Membership Card?

The new initiative has been inspired by member feedback. When asked, 47% of members said that they would like to be able to store their membership card on their phone.

Can I use my Digital Membership Card at Certificated Locations?

Yes, Digital Membership Cards are accepted at Certificated Locations.

Can I opt out of receiving my physical membership card?

The Club is currently setting up a process to enable members to choose how they want to receive their membership card. In the meantime, all members will receive a physical membership card as well as their Digital Membership Card.

Will the price of my membership reduce if I use the Digital Membership Card?

It doesn’t matter which membership card you use, the price of membership will remain the same. All membership subscriptions are used to reinvest into the Club to make improvements to Club products and services.

Will joint and family members receive a Digital Membership Card?

Whether you are a lead member, joint member or family member, all members are able to view their Digital Membership Card in the new Club App. Just login using your website registration details to display your card. If you are a joint or family member and haven’t yet registered for the website, you can do so here.

How secure is the Digital Membership Card?

Storing your card on your phone means it can’t be lost or stolen. There is added security as you will need to be logged into the app to display the Digital Membership Card and your membership is validated at the time of opening. Please be assured no payment details are stored on the app.

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