Andalucia to Marrakech Winter Holiday

340 PK 81, Carretera Nacional, Tarifa, Cadiz, 11380, Spain

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Join our 21 night hosted holiday on an escorted trip from Andalucia to Marrakech!  One departure only, starting in Tarifa on 2 February and returning to Spain on 23 February 2025.

Are you keen to travel to Morocco but nervous of ‘going it alone’? We have created this hosted winter holiday to make it as easy and carefree as possible. You will experience a great introduction to Morocco and really get to know exotic Marrakech, a city that has to be seen, heard, smelt and felt to be truly appreciated.

The Andalucia to Marrakech Winter Holiday is our new way for you to extend your winter break because time spent in Morocco does not count towards the 90 day Schengen visa free limit.

The meeting point is at campsite Rio Jara in Tarifa, Spain, for a welcome briefing and overnight stay before departing all together the next day with our experienced tour experts and our volunteer hosts (who have already experienced Morocco and Marrakech with a caravan). It will take 2 days to travel to Marrakech from Tarifa, via the short ferry journey to Tangier followed by 1 overnight stop at Mehdia en route. Our hosts will stay with the group in Marrakech for 18 nights before escorting the group back to Spain where the adventure will come to an end.

Whilst in Marrakech, the group will enjoy 3 full day excursions (and meal) included in the holiday cost and other independent trips can be booked locally. Our hosts will also organise some group activities on the site.

See below for more details. Note; Facilities on site refer to Le Relais de Marrakech.

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  • Swimming pool
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Site information

Please see some of the points below as guidance but we strongly ecourage you to do your own research.


Readily available on campsites and good value (approx 100 Dirham full gas bottle & use English Butane fitting)


Drones are not allowed in Morocco.


Rules to take them into Morocco may pose problems so we are not permitting dogs on this holiday.  

Many stray dogs and cats are seen throughout Morocco 


Average temperature in Marrakech in February is 20-25 degrees but can be hotter. 


Roads in the cities are not for the fainthearted but outside of main cities they are fine - also members will be escorted

Drink driving laws are extremely strict in Morocco. is an app for worldwide directions and can be used offline

Official Languages 

Arabic, Berber, French and the Moroccan dialect of Arabic are the main languages spoken, though most people also speak some English and also Spanish.


Is expected for everything someone does for you - even taking a photo of their cat 

Be respectful and ask before taking a photo of people   

Photographs - watersellers, snake charmers and musicians and henna artists in the Jemma al Fna square can be quite pushy about the amount of tip - be firm and say simply  ‘La Shukran’ which means no thank you.  


Shopping in the Souks can be a fabulous experience but haggling is expected - we are not used to this and it can feel uncomfortable at first but remember the sellers are expecting it and you should expect to pay half or less of what they say the initial price is. Smile but be firm, say La, shukran (no, thanks) and walk away if you are not wanting to buy at the price. It is part of their culture so do not be put off by this.  

It is easy to get lost so is helpful as it does not require a mobile signal. A guide to take you round the souks can be a good way to have this experience. At least the first time.

As in any country, be careful of your personal belongings.


Be respectful of the local culture and traditions when we visit their country and wear modest clothing.