Sun shines on ClubFest


Photos by Jenny Cox unless stated otherwise

The Caravan and Motorhome Club held a hugely successful, sell-out ClubFest (previously known as The National) over the June 2022 bank holiday weekend.

The National’s DNA still runs through ClubFest, emphasising entertainment for all. Sporting, baking, craft, and photography competitions remain, with an impressive number of entries underlining the ever-popular nature of these elements.

Now billed as a four-day, festival-style experience, the new, all-inclusive entry fee included on-site entertainment and musical acts that performed on an impressive outdoor stage. Eagle-eyed ClubFest visitors may have recognised the stage... it is also used at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival. 

Photo by Lee Davey

Our last ‘National’ visit was several years ago, so we were keen to take the caravan to Belvoir Castle to see what changes had been made. Held over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, bunting was hanging from every corner of the impressive site, with many, us included, decorating outfits during the afternoon festivities.

The outdoor festival stage proved to be the event’s focal point, with the Princes of Motown being a particular favourite. My son, Charlie, insisted we dance with the rest of the revellers, a statement of high praise indeed from a 14-year-old! Daytime family activities included laser clay shooting, Segway rides, and much more.

Photo by Lee Davey

The Club’s Events team also negotiated a special deal with Belvoir Castle, granting members discounted access to the castle and grounds. Talking of the Events team, an amazing 300 volunteers were responsible for creating this ClubFest, building the infrastructure as well as delivering all the services and activities. This included laying 11 miles of electric cable, five miles of water pipe, and marking over 2,000 pitches! The ’village’ took three weeks to assemble and, once ‘ClubFesters’ had departed, the same volunteers spent a week returning the area to its natural grassland state. If you’d like to be a volunteer next year, please get in touch with the Events team (

Of the 4,000 (ish) people who attended, many were experiencing a large Club event for the first time. A dedicated ClubFest Facebook page was filled with information during the event, and nothing but praise afterwards. Should you wish to attend ClubFest 2023, be sure to get your pitch booked quickly. I know we will.

Lee Davey


ClubFest 2022 – Activities and competition results

Mid-Anglia Centre won both the President's Trophy and the Ernie Sadler Trophy. (The President’s Trophy is awarded to the Centre whose members gain the most points by participating in activities and competitions at Clubfest. The Ernie Sadler Trophy for children's sports is presented by Heather Sadler in memory of her late husband.)

Competitions and activities listed below were for adults unless stated otherwise.

Harris Cup (for caravan manoeuvring)

Standard Class (Men):
Winner: Chris Roberts (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: No runner-up (all timed out)

Novice Class (Men):
Winner: Mark Cranford (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Tony Wells (Non-Centre)

Barrett Cup (for caravan manoeuvring)

Standard Class (Women):
No entrants

Novice Class (Women):
No entrants


Class 1 – Regalia (Colour Print)
Winner: Jenny Cox (Upper Thames Centre)
Runner-up: Linda Smith (Bedfordshire Centre)
Highly commended: Cathy Gough (Devon and Cornwall Centre)

Class 2 – Horse and/or Carriage (Colour Print)
Winner: Emily Thorne (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Jenny Cox (Upper Thames Centre)
Highly commended: Cathy Gough (Devon and Cornwall Centre); Jan Trott (Avon Centre)

Class 3 – Gardens (Colour Print)
Winner: Jenny Cox (Upper Thames Centre)
Runner-up: Trevor Bailey (Club Band)
Highly commended: Mark Crutchfield (Mid-Anglia Centre)

Class 4 – Castles or Palaces (Black and White Print)
Winner: Kay Wroe (Worcestershire Centre)
Runner-up: Jenny Cox (Upper Thames Centre)
Highly commended: Paul Burgin (East Kent Centre); Linda Mott (Leicestershire Centre)

Secrett Challenge Trophy (Overall winner)
Winner: Jenny Cox (Upper Thames Centre)

Class 5 – Party (Children up to and including 11 years)
No entrants

Class 6 – Celebration (Children 12-17 years)
No entrants

Denys Branch Shield (For best overall youth entry)

Celebration Classes

Class 11 – Hand-made Invitation to a Jubilee Party
Winner: Linda Mott (Leicestershire Centre)
Runner-up: Karen McDonald (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Highly commended: Anne Dickson (North Yorkshire Centre)

Class 12 – Ladies Corsage and Gents Buttonhole
Winner: Lynda Ginger (Adria)
Runner-up: Rose Johnson (Devon and Cornwall Centre)
Highly commended: Barbara Heath (Club Band)

Class 13 – Hand-made Bunting
Winner: Alison Haynes (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Christine Craker (Buckinghamshire Centre)
Highly commended: Linda Mott (Leicestershire Centre); Heather Seager (Devon and Cornwall Centre)

Class 14 – Gift-wrapped Box
Winner: Lorraine Towers (Warwickshire Centre)
Runner-up: Lorna Nicol (Adria)
Highly commended: Heather Bailey (Club Band); Karen McDonald (Mid-Anglia Centre)

Class 15 – Decoration for the Top of a Celebration Cake
No entrants

Class 16 – Gin-based Fruit Liqueur 
Winner: Lynn Smith (Derbyshire Centre)
Runner-up: Peter Fitzgerald (West Sussex Centre)
Highly commended: Linda Smith (Adria)


Class 21 – Boiled Fruit Cake
Winner: Debbie Sayer (South Essex Centre)
Runner-up: Dawn Prescott (Somerset Centre)
Highly commended: Lynda Thomas (Derbyshire Centre)

Class 22 – Decorated Muffin
Winner: Gina Hooper (Leicestershire Centre)
Runner-up: Jill Bailey (Club Band)

Class 23 – Home-made Jam
Winner: Gareth Jones (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Debbie Sayer (South Essex)
Highly commended: Anthony Wells (Non-Centre)

Class 24 – Shortbread Biscuits (Children up to and including 13 years)
Winner: Maddy Alcot (Club Band)
Runner-up: Holly Bettridge (Nottinghamshire Centre)
Highly commended: Polly Swain (Suffolk Centre)

Class 25 – Shortbread Biscuits (Children 14-17 years)
No entrants


Class 31 – Hand-made Card (Passing a Driving Test)
Winner: Sally Moore (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Runner-up: Heather Seager (Devon and Cornwall Centre)
Highly commended: Lynn Balls (South Yorkshire Centre)

Class 32 – Knitted Animal
Winner: Cynthia Welbourn (North Scotland Centre)
Runner-up: Gina Hooper (Leicestershire Centre)
Highly commended: Stephanie Jones (Non-Centre)

Class 33 – Wooden Book-ends
Winner: Trevor Bailey (Club Band)
Runner-up: Keith Nicol (North Scotland Centre)

Class 34 – Oil, Pencil, Chalk or Watercolour (Celebrating 70 Years)
Winners: Barry Thomas (Derbyshire Centre); Peter Willey (Yorkshire Pennine Centre)

Class 35 – Rag Doll
Winner: Lorraine Towers (East Warwickshire Centre)
Runner-up: Pat Nowell (Non-Centre)
Highly commended: Heather Seager (Devon and Cornwall Centre)

Class 36 – Junior Class (Any of the above items by a child up to and including 17 years)
Winner: Libby Marshall (Suffolk Centre)
Runner-up: Polly Swain (Suffolk Centre)


Winners: The Yorkies – Debbie Carroll (Yorkshire Centre); Colin Carroll (Yorkshire Centre); Mary Mortimer (North Yorkshire Centre); Terry Scott (North Yorkshire Centre)
Runners-up: North & South – Duncan Craig (Non-Centre); Tracey Craig (Non-Centre); Maria Lamb (Non-Centre); Maurice Lamb (Non-Centre)


Open Volleyball
Winners: Mix Fits (Members from various Centres)
Runners-up: Anglia Region (Members from various Centres)

Ladies Volleyball
No entrants

Five-a-side Football

Group 5 – Children's Five-a-side Football
Winners: There were three mixed-age teams (mixed Centres and Non-Centres). Team A won one game and Team C won two games.


No competition took place


No competition took place

Lawn Darts

Winners: Mark Mottam, Caroline Mottam, Luke Mottam, Beth Mottam (Cheshire Centre)
Runners-up: Paul Maran, Sue Maran, Penny Thursby, Will Thursby (South Essex Centre)


Winners: Tony Nobbs, Beverley Walker (South Essex Centre)
Runners-up: John Heal, Derek Johnson (Devon and Cornwall Centre)


Winners: Mick Mannion, Pat Mannion (Non-Centre)
Runners-up: Adey Radford, Beverley Walker (South Essex Centre)


Winners: Steve Dent, Ken Wolstenholme (Non-Centre)
Runners-up: Ian Roberts, Steve Thompson (North Essex Centre)

Fun Run

First adult woman: Sara Hambling (Non-Centre)
First adult man: Michael Alexander (Non-Centre)
First girl (13-17 years): Evie Watts (North Wales Centre)
First boy (13-17 years): No entrants
First girl (12 years and under): Ruby Watts (North Wales Centre)
First boy (12 years and under): Riley Harmer (Lincolnshire Centre)

Children's sports

Class 1 – 5 years and under
Girls Egg and Spoon
Winner: Ffion Forde (Nottinghamshire Centre)

Class 2 – 6-8 years
Girls 20m Flat Race
Winner: Isabelle Humphreys (South Wales Centre)
Runner-up: Megan Bird (Non-Centre)
Boys 20m Flat Race
Winner: Charlie Coombs (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Runner-up: Ellis Marks (Avon Centre)
Girls Obstacle Race
Winner: Sophie Rawlins (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Liliana Rudge (Non-Centre)
Boys Obstacle Race
Winner: Ellis Marks (Avon Centre)
Runner-up: Charlie Coombs (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Girls Muddle Run (Obstacle + 50m Run)
Winner: Imogen Rawlins (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Ffion Forde (Nottinghamshire Centre)
Boys Muddle Run
Winner: Ollie Knight (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Ellis Marks (Avon Centre)

Class 3 – 9-11 years
Girls 30m Flat Race
Winner: Bethany Mottram (Cheshire Centre)
Runner-up: Heidi O'Reilly (Non-Centre)
Boys 30m Flat Race
Winner: Archie Bowers (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Otis Henry (Non-Centre)
Girls Obstacle Race
Winner: Maisie Radford (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Runner-up: Elizabeth Pearce (Non-Centre)
Boys Obstacle Race
Winner: Josh Coombes (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Runner-up: Joe Temple (Durham Centre)
Girls Muddle Run
Winner: Maisie Radford (Mid-Anglia Centre)
Runner-up: Jenny Cox (Wiltshere Centre)
Boys Muddle Run
Winner: Otis Henry (Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Gavin Humphreys (South Wales Centre)

Class 4 – 12-14 years
Mixed 40m Flat Race
Winner: George Pearse (Cheshire Centre)
Runner-up: Luke Mottram (Cheshire Centre)
Mixed Obstacle Race
Winner: Jack Temple (Durham Centre)
Runner-up: George Pearse (Cheshire Centre)
Mixed Muddle Run
Winner: George Pearse (Cheshire Centre)
Runner-up: Luke Mottram (Cheshire Centre)

Fun Dog Show

Class 1 – Junior Handler (up to 10 years)
Winner: Jasper (Owner: Ruby Underwood, Non-Centre)
Runner-up: Jessie (Owner: Megan Bird, Non-Centre)
Third place: Paige (Owner: Emily Rawlings, Non-Centre)

Class 2 – Junior Handler (11-17 years)
Winner: Izzy (Owner: Isla Mitchell, Nottinghamshire Centre)
Runner-up: Wispa (Owner: Sophie Bunting, Club Band)
Third place: Deedee (Owner: Poppy Moore, Nottinghamshire Centre)

Class 3 – My Dog Does Tricks
Winner: Jasper (Owner: Heidi Wright, Wiltshire Centre)
Runner-up: Emmy (Owner: Helen Thomas, West Surrey Centre)
Third place: Oscar (Owner: Hannah Shears, East Warwickshire Centre)

Class 4 – Crossbreed Bitch
Winner: Skye (Owner: Karen Dixon, Somerset Centre)
Runner-up: Missy (Owner: Steve Priest, Non-Centre)
Third place: Gucci (Owner: Alison Wren, Isle of Wight Centre)

Class 5 – Crossbreed Dog
Winner: Bertie (Owner: Scarlet Kent, North Staffordshire Centre)
Runner-up: Ben (Owner: Karen Barham, Northumberland Centre)
Third place: Arlo (Owner: Paula Chalkley, West Sussex Centre)

Class 6 – Pedigree Bitch
Winner: Daisy (Owner: Chris Sheldon, South Staffordshire Centre)
Runner-up: Lexi (Owner: Simon Bradley, East Surrey Centre)
Third place: Lola (Owner: Julia Cundell, Mid-Anglia Centre)

Class 7 – Pedigree Dog
Winner: Yogi (Owner: Richard Sykes, West Yorkshire Centre)
Runner-up: Paddy (Owner: Kate Wise, Leicestershire Centre)
Third place: Patch (Owner: Alexia Bibby, Non-Centre

Class 8 – Best Puppy
Winner: Dexter (Owner: Rose Johnson, Devon and Cornwall Centre)
Runner-up: Ted (Owner: Paul Gilmore, Bedfordshire Centre)
Third place: Thor (Owner: Bailey Sykes, West Yorkshire Centre)

Class 9 – Best Rescue
Winner: Oscar (Owner: Hannah Shears, East Warwickshire Centre)
Runner-up: Alfie (Owner: Jane Varey, Non-Centre)
Third place: William (Owner: Lynne Dewey, West Wales Centre)


ClubFest 2025

Tickets are now on sale for ClubFest 2025 from 23- 27 May, in the picturesque setting of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire.

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