Scam warning

Protecting you and your information is paramount to the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

We will never email you asking you to confirm your login details or your bank account details. If you receive an email that appears to be from us and asks you to visit our site and confirm your details, please email

What else to watch out for

For peace of mind whilst trading your items, take a look at these scam warnings and things to watch out for.

They say they have a buyer or can sell privately on your behalf

If you are advertising, be vigilant to 'middle men' offering to sell your item for you. They sound legitimate and may convince you that there is local interest for your item. They charge you a fee for their service with money back guarantee, explaining that they make their money from the buyer taking out a credit agreement with them. Sellers have parted with up to £80 and never heard from the company again.

They may tell you they are a private company who guarantee to sell your item within X amount of time for a set fee, some sellers have parted with up to £200 for this fake service.

If you want to maximise the interest for your product we suggest you boost/upgrade your advert with Caravans for Sale (in association with the Caravan and Motorhome Club). Caravans for Sale have a number of premium ad options that help increase your exposure and chances of a quick sale. For more information log in to your Caravans for Sale account or call the support team on 01273 837 518.

Paying by Cheque

Potential buyers may pay with a fake cheque. They give you too much money and ask for the difference to be transferred into their account. Even if the cheque is drawn on a UK bank and it clears, shortly after the bank will inform you that it is fake and will withdraw the money leaving you out of pocket.

Paying by MoneyGram

A seller asks you to pay by MoneyGram, and they will have the van sent to you for a five day inspection.

Alternatively, you may be asked to transfer the money to a friend to prove that you have the funds. You will then be asked to send your MoneyGram receipt to confirm the money is there. This receipt holds all the information that is required by the scammer to get the money.

Invoicing through Caravan and Motorhome Club Classifieds or Caravans for Sale

We do not send invoices out and hold payment for clients. Some scammers claim that we will invoice you and hold the money while you inspect the caravan. They then make up an invoice to look like it has come from us, but in reality, you will be sending the money to the scammer.

This is a sample reply you may get with this scam:

"Hello ,

Thank you for your email. I am currently out of town. That is not a problem because i can end this deal through internet. The caravan is in perfect condition as you can see on the photos. It comes with all the documents and everything. I will arrange for delivery to your address in UK or pick up if you are really interested and serious buyer. I want to make this deal fast and safe so this is why i want to deal through (or They offer assurance for buyer and seller the same time. I will leave the caravan into your possession for 1 day. In this time you can inspect it and make your final decision if you like to keep it or not. I am sure you will be more then satisfied to own it. Pass me your details such as your name, address and phone number because i need them as for the buyer details. Soon as i have them you will receive the invoice from with instruction and information on how to get started. Regards,"