Do I need Caravan Cover?

Do I need to cover my caravan?

No, just like your home, it is not a legal requirement to get cover for your caravan. However, the Club’s Caravan Cover can help provide protection against financial loss should your caravan and its contents be lost, stolen or damaged.

Third party liability cover would usually be provided by your car insurance when your caravan is towed on a public highway; this covers you for claims made against you by other people but it’s unlikely to cover any damage to your caravan or anything inside it.

What's the difference between Caravan Cover from the Caravan and Motorhome Club and caravan insurance?

As we are a membership organisation, and caravan cover is not a legal requirement, we have been able to establish a product just for our members where all aspects of cover are dealt with by the Club. For example, if you make a claim you would be dealing with the Club rather than a third party organisation.

We provide Caravan Cover on a discretionary basis which means our Board has full discretion over whether to agree to pay claims and the amounts to be paid. They may also agree to pay claims outside the terms and conditions of the cover if they feel the circumstances justify it. It is not a contract of insurance.

Why you need Caravan Cover

We know that no two caravan owner’s needs are the same but, as a treasured possession, protecting your touring caravan against theft or damage is likely to be important to you. So we’ve designed our Caravan Cover with our members, using touring caravans, in mind.

How our Caravan Cover protects you

Our Caravan Cover offers a range of benefits, including:

  • new-for-old replacement for the caravan and equipment in the event of loss

  • cover for storm and flood damage to awnings as well as your caravan

  • up to £50,000 personal accident cover

Read the full list of Caravan Cover benefits.

Working out how much cover you need

The exact level of protection you can receive will depend on whether you choose our Standard or Super Caravan Cover. Deciding which is right for you should be based on your own requirements, such as the level of protection you feel is appropriate.

For more information about our cover and to get a quote, visit our Caravan Cover page.

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