Converting to LED bulbs

Rob and Sharon replied on 16/08/2019 19:47

Posted on 16/08/2019 19:47

Hi everyone 

We are brand new to motorhome and just bought a  old adria coral 660.

Does anyone have any advice on replacing interior bulbs with LED ones?

They are currently max 20 watt 12v G4 0.3 m and get very hot.


Rob and Sharon 

beero replied on 16/08/2019 22:07

Posted on 16/08/2019 22:07

My advise would just be get some and try. I have found the cheaper they are the more likely they are to fail prematurely. You get what you pay for. They really increase the run time on your battery when not on hookup and heat problems disappear.

KeithandMargaret replied on 17/08/2019 10:08

Posted on 17/08/2019 10:08

When I bought our Pilote 6 years ago I ordered about 40 LED bulbs on Ebay - they cost around £10 for the lot.

Variations in type and colour - cool white light works best for us.

Only one has needed replacing.

Cheap may not always be best but I've no complaints.

SteveL replied on 17/08/2019 13:08

Posted on 17/08/2019 13:08

When I did our first caravan I used ATEN lighting. They were at the October Caravan show at the time. Very knowledgable, you can also phone for advice. Not the cheapest but all the bulbs are voltage regulated, which is important.