Roller Team 707, Swift Escape 695, or ?

fender999 replied on 07/04/2021 19:14

Posted on 07/04/2021 19:14

Hi all smile after 8 years of towing we're moving on to a MH in the hope of doing more touring than pitching. 

Done lots of research and we've so far narrowed it down to the models in the post title, for the benefits of the layouts:

- fixed single bunks (our daughters are 11 and 14, need their own 'zone', and when the eldest stops coming in a few years the bottom bunk can be the garage)

- drop down double bed (after years of wearily making the bed every night I'm ready to just lower it from the ceiling!)

- low profile (not a fan of the over cab beds - we've hired a couple over the years)

- this is the biggie, needs a fairly (comparatively speaking) spacious seating area (for medical reasons my wife needs to be able to comfortably elevate her legs on an evening)

- length not an issue (we don't store at home)

We're trying to not fall into the trap of transferring our caravan layout to a MH, but to tick the boxes above, am I missing something by not looking at anything other than the RT707 or the Swift 695?

We prefer the Roller Team (seems to be a higher spec with more spacious lounge) but obvs is a little more expensive. We missed out on a Dealer Special 695 which boasted a great spec and now the standard ones are failing to impress a little in comparison, although we could always get the accessories added. 

Both seem rare as hens' teeth at the moment so would be great to learn of an alternative. 

Any ideas?

Thanks so much all wink


MalcMc replied on 09/04/2021 09:35

Posted on 09/04/2021 09:35

Hi, We have the T590 bought new 2 years ago and apart from a loose wire have to say build quality is good, the range are basically the same just stretched versions, one thing to think about should you get the 707, we removed the fixed table and amazed how much the living space increased (would not put back) drive comfort is good and the power seems adequate, our nearest option was the Benimar, looked at the swift which sadly already had broken bits in the showroom model, which put us off early on in our search, good luck options are very slim at present.