2017 Kuga Towbar Electrics

JSGARTH replied on 24/05/2019 20:29

Posted on 24/05/2019 20:29

I have had a tow bar fitted to my 2017 Kuga by a tow bar fitter, NTTA registered. I have towed for the first time and discovered that there was no repeat buzzer on the indicators, I have always been used to one on other tow cars, is this correct.  I have tried to research tow bar electrics and did read somewhere that the caravan lights are included in the car electronic check and therefore an indicator fault would show up in the Information display and therefore a buzzer not needed? Also the fog lights/reversing lights were not working on the caravan and the reversing sensors were sounding even when caravan attached. Fortunately they were not affected by the tow bar when solo? The caravan has been serviced this year and the road lights were fine.

I will be contacting the fitter and I am sure he will sort me out but I just wanted a bit of background knowledge from someone used to towing with this car. Is it possible that the electrics need some sort of re programming?

Hopefully a fellow Kuga owner can offer some advice from their experiences?

DerekAndSusan replied on 03/07/2019 12:21

Posted on 03/07/2019 12:21

We have  a Dec 17 (2018 model) Zetec with factory fitted reversing sensors. Tow bar was fitted by supplying Ford dealer and the car had the software upgrade at the time. All lights on the van work and the sensors disengage when connected. There is no indicator repeat  or buzzer on the dash, in fact out last car a Yeti didn't have one either. Hope this help.